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What does it mean if you are a former boyfriend?

Every woman or girl (only if she is notlives in a monastery or on a desert island) in her life met many guys and men. And not with one she had a close, trusting relationship. Not necessarily intimate, because there are just romantic feelings, spiritual affection and kinship, when nothing more is needed, especially at a young age. But so often it happens that today the current guy becomes the former one the next day. Well, they did not agree with the characters, quarreled, but simply met another, and he seemed better - anything can happen in this life. And it happens that it happens that girls start dreaming of their ex-boys, with whom they once had a relationship. What does it mean if you dream of a former guy? Why precisely he dreams, that this means? Many questions arise ...

If you dream of a former guy, it always meansthat, after all, you still don’t let him go, and you still have a place in your heart for him. After all, a lot has connected you, and on a subconscious level you have not yet let go of a person, but your feelings have not completely died away, there’s still hope in the heart for a renewal of relationships. That is why the guy appears in your dreams. You remember him, something does not forget this person. If you dream of a former guy, and you are with him, and you feel good, as if nothing had happened, it means that in real life you can live without him, you let go of this person, and your heart is open to new relationships. The pain of separation no longer causes you suffering. If in a dream you meet with former colleagues and classmates, it means that very soon you will receive news from a friend who is far away from you now.

If the dream is a former young man, oncepreviously a very important person for you, it means that it is likely that you will seriously quarrel and part with your present lover. You need to calm down and stop comparing the new boyfriend with the ex-boyfriend, and all the more you should not talk about it out loud. In the dream, is the former watching you closely or watching? So, in fact, his feelings for you have not faded away, although for a long time you do not care. If you dream of a former guy, and you kiss with him - get ready for parties and meet them with your old friends. Fight with your ex in a dream - to pleasant and unexpected events in life.

Разведенным женщинам может присниться бывший муж.If in a dream you renew your relationship with your ex-husband and at the same time feel happiness and joy, then in reality you live peacefully and well, but in fact you no longer think about it at all, everything that was past has been forgotten and spiritual wounds have healed. You want to be with your husband again, if about tenderness and kisses with him is like a dream. Former husband, dressed and looking bad, almost like a bum, with your outer beauty and elegant style, as well as high social status - this dream means your hidden thirst for revenge. If you dream, on the contrary, that you are poorly dressed and inconspicuous compared to your ex-husband, such a dream means that you regret yourself very much after the divorce.

Very often dreams reflect the internal stateperson And if a particular person dreams of you very often, it always means that you still cannot let him go out of your life and improve your inner balance. So live is quite difficult. So try to get distracted, take care of yourself, find yourself interesting activities and hobbies. Just go in for sports, finally, and then you will definitely have less time left for sad thoughts, despondency, holding memories and other nonsense. Your day will be busy with important matters, and you will begin to sleep so well that you will not remember anything in the morning, because your body will fully relax in a dream, and not reproduce everything that we have experienced during the day.