/ / Interpretation: what does the deceased dream of living?

Interpretation: what does the deceased dream of living?

Each of us has a dream, from which to heartremains an unpleasant sludge, the mood spoils for the whole day, and a feeling of anxiety grows. Most often, this is due to the one who appeared to us in these night visions. To such unpleasant topics, with an enviable periodicity appearing among the most diverse people, the following dream relates: the living dead was dreamed. In general, the topic of dead people is quite specific - only the supporters of the gothic subculture get pleasure from it. And for the rest of the population, it is unpleasant, and often even terrible, mystical, and even unacceptable for discussion. And, of course, dreams in this regard will not be an exception. True, as the commentators say, not everything is so unambiguous in the world of illusions, and what the deceased dream of living is not always bad, unpleasant or otherworldly.

what the deceased dream of living

Usually in a state of slumber people see those events,about which they thought earlier, who committed or planned to commit. So with the participants of dreams - most often they are people from the dreamer's environment, whether they are close, far away, alive or dead - somehow, but they can be recognized in the course of sleep. And most often at night are people's native characters. What does the deceased dream of living if they belong to the number of relatives?

if the deceased dreamed a living

If a family member who is now deceased dreams, in goodhealth, then it shows that you want to warn about something, but what should be clarified from the details of sleep. But in general, if, for example, your mother had a dream, your conversation with her - it can symbolize that in the future you are trapped by health problems. And this should be noted now.

Another interpretation of what the deceased dreams ofalive, is associated with the phenomenon in the vision of the deceased brother. A single mother tummy can signal that someone from your close circle needs help, and it's from your side. But the strong beginning - the father who appeared and spoke to you, does not bode well - such a dream can mean the failure of your plans and undertakings in the future. To be more precise, there is a wormhole in them that interferes with the successful completion of what was started.

sleeping dead live

But the dream book of Aesop treats similar visionssomewhat differently. If the dead person dreamed alive, according to his records, this promises only a change in the weather: maybe soon it will get colder (or, conversely, become warmer). And that's all, nothing more. In the interpretation of the Chinese dream book of Chzho-Gong, one can come across the following description of the subjects of the deceased: to see the revived dead man in a dream - to the quick news or letter from a long-time-not-found addressee. And the news will be neutral or good.

In general, the dream books converge in one:then, to what the dead are dreaming alive, almost always does not carry a negative color. Therefore, these dreams should not be afraid. On the contrary, it can be a sleep-warning, which appeared on time and did not give the right to make a wrong step. The only thing about which all interpreters of dreams warn - to take anything from the hands of the dead is very bad: thus the deceased allegedly tries to take you away.