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The best design of the suburban area: 6 hectare of excellent mood

The main task of the person developing the designsuburban area, 6 acres to try to visually increase, while maintaining a lively and cozy atmosphere. In this matter, there are some secrets, knowledge of which will help to achieve the cherished goal.

suburban area design 6 acres

Smooth lines - the main thing that requiresmodern design suburban area. 6 acres - the area does not tolerate sharp corners. We must try to make all the lines on the site as natural and rounded as possible. This also applies to garden paths, and decorative flower beds.

Effective in such a small dacha zoning method. The most suitable for this purpose are decorative screens, elegantly decorated with bright fresh flowers.

The landscape design of the cottage is very important.6 acres provide not a lot of opportunities for the construction of alpine slides, so the initial planning should take into account some of the natural elements of the site. For example, in this case, you can use stone steps, original arbors, covered with various greenery, columns entwined with rose bushes. Add a summer house design with a small table and folding chairs. 6 acres - not such a small area: you can install a swing. They will be delighted not only by children, adults will also be happy to spend time on them. For those who like to relax in privacy, decorate a small corner behind the house.

To create the original design of the summer cottage, it is more expedient to transform 6 acres from the main entrance. In this case, everyone who comes to you will be able to evaluate the result of your efforts.

landscape design cottages 6 acres

To design a small suburban area is necessaryapproach very seriously and as creatively as possible. Country style (rustic) will help to make it truly cozy and original. He originated in small cottage gardens in Europe, where they grew spicy plants, vegetables and a variety of flowers. But the main function of such gardens was the possibility of recreation of citizens in the lap of nature.

As a country style to translate into the design of the countryplot? 6 acres should look so natural, as if at least 100 years have been a paradise, and all the floral arrangements on them were created by Mother – Nature. But in this case it is important that a well-thought-out structure be hidden behind the seeming simplicity.

You need to determine the place of rest.It would be nice to install a small gazebo, but with a clear lack of space, you can limit yourself to a light awning stretched between the trees. Originality will add unusual details - beds with vegetables that will decorate the borders of decorative cabbage or bright multi-colored marigolds.

Land in the style of country is unthinkable without a front garden.Here you will need luxurious sunflowers, mallow, and on both sides of the entrance will be indispensable jasmine bushes. A small fountain, a water column or, if there is a place, an imitation of a small village pond looks most natural as a water object in a country-house dacha.

cottage design 6 acres

In recent years, fewer summer residentsconsider the yield priority on their plot. More and more people are going out of town to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, get some fresh air and gain strength before the upcoming work week. That is why today even the smallest area in the country is registered as a place of rest.