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Treatment of the site from mosquitoes - tips for gardeners

Summer is a great time.How do you want, especially for a city dweller, to get out into nature at this time, to relax at your own summer residence. But the picture is spoiled by small stinging insects. They become especially annoying and numerous if there is rainy weather or there is a pond near the garden, they strive to bite the pain and, apart from inconvenience and irritation, bring with them the risk of various diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the dacha from mosquitoes, consider its methods in more detail.

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As a rule, such a service is provideddisinfection stations, they have very strong, effective preparations at their disposal. With their help, you can only carry out processing twice a season. But this option is not suitable for middle-income gardeners because of its high cost. Therefore, you should take care of saving yourself from insects. For this there are special chemicals.

The site is being treated for mosquitoes inaccording to the instructions for the specific tool. For example, the drug Medilis-Ziper is quite popular. From its positive characteristics, it is possible to note safety for people and effective protection against blood-sucking insects. Concentrated drug must be diluted with water immediately before use. It can be sprayed with a spray bottle or a plastic bottle can be adapted for this purpose, having previously made holes in its lid. A wide range of effects on insects has the drug "Digox". It is used not only to combat mosquitoes, ticks, flies, but also to rid the apartments of cockroaches. They are processing the site from mosquitoes, they also use the drug in medical institutions. The insecticoacaricidal agent is a clear yellow liquid. It is packaged in vials made from polymer or glass from ten to two hundred and fifty milliliters. When it is dissolved in water, a milky solution is obtained.

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In order to destroy the mosquitoes in the garden,it is enough to take from 10 to 30 milliliters of money. When a site is treated for mosquitoes, the amount of the drug is calculated depending on the area to be sprayed. By toxicity to humans, the drug is classified as moderately hazardous drugs. After spraying the drug is recommended for a day to leave the treated area. To combat mosquitoes apply water emulsion "Digox". Just a year it can be applied from 2 to 4 times.

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Insect control and complexmechanisms. Thus, the treatment of the area from mosquitoes can be carried out using a thermomechanical generator of hot mist. It is very effective, but its cost is quite high. There is a special device - a mosquito exterminator, which attracts insects and sucks them inside. The gardeners, who were worried about the treatment of the area from mosquitoes, received positive feedback from special chemicals described above. You can completely get rid of blood-sucking insects, if garden processing carried out according to the rules.