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House design by own hands

Dacha homestead - holiday destination forcitizens, where a pleasant atmosphere should reign, he should please the eye. To make your dacha more attractive for outdoor recreation, you need to think carefully about the design of the infield. Guests will rejoice at its beauty, and the owners themselves will be satisfied with the fruits of their own labors.

In the appearance of your garden, everything should lookorganically. Therefore, it will be necessary to pay attention to what will be a fence (brick, wooden), whether it will decorate the home garden with a man-made pond, which will break the flower beds. Landscaping allows you to approach the design of the garden with imagination. You can create with your own hands a small pond with a ribbon foundation at the base. It can be planted with carp or carp.

House design by own hands

To create an atmosphere of mystery, you canthe design of the backyard to include water lighting and small lamps along the sides of the tracks. On the shores of the pond will be organically looked planted flowers, flower beds in the form of turtles, birds and everything that your fantasy tells. To decorate the garden, any material, even empty plastic bottles, from which wonderful bells and chamomiles are obtained, will do. On the shore of the pond it will be a pleasure to relax if you install a bench next to it. To create a paradise for outdoor recreation, it is enough to invest a little soul in the design of the homestead and not limit the flight of imagination. A beautiful place in the country house can be a gazebo with planted plants around it. In this way, you can create a shady corner for rest on a summer day.

Homestead design

Of course, to think and create a professionalDesign project on the plot can only be a specialist. But some elements of the garden design are available to the hosts themselves. An unusual decoration can be an unusual flowerbed, planted in the "patchwork" technique. To create it, various plants are used, planted in the form of colorful islets. The original ideas that make it possible to embody the landscape design of the infield are creating an unforgettable festive atmosphere. For example, in the center of the colorful flowerbed, the "May tree" from the bright ribbons will suddenly look.

Landscaping of the infield

Flowerbeds are the most common elementdecoration of the garden. They can be of various forms, consist of plants whose flowering coincides in time, or vice versa, matched in such a way as to bloom one after another. The flower beds, in which plants of the same species and varieties are planted, also look very beautiful and organic. For example, the design of the infield can decorate the round shape of the monocolor from the gladiolus. The path to it can be laid out with tiles. Perfectly look peonies, a variety of varieties and colors which will create an unforgettable atmosphere in the garden. Bright and fragrant peonies should be planted along the paths. Pioneers can be decorated with a border of tulips blooming before them, a hedge of barberry or honeysuckle. Is able to decorate the design of the infield and labyrinth.It can be laid out of stones or planted from flowers of one grade and shade. In suburban areas, labyrinths can perform two tasks: serve as an element of decorating the garden and mask engineering communications. And, creating a labyrinth, it is necessary to take into account the area of ​​the site. For a small garden, a picture of flowers, moss, low plants, trimmed grass will do.