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Reconstructed Raspberries Firebird: Variety Description

The popularity of raspberry varieties is growing.This is not surprising, since the culture developing in the one-year phase significantly facilitates the care in comparison with the concerns over traditional common raspberries with its inherent two-year life cycle, consisting of the development of annual shoots in the first year and their fruiting in the next.

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Repaired raspberries manage to form stems in a season and give a full yield. Such plants include raspberry Jar-Bird, the description of which is presented in this publication.

Species Features

Accelerated phases of growth and development of the bush are basicthe advantages of remontant cultures, which is also the Raspberry Bunny. We begin the description of the variety with the external data of the plant. This slaboroskidisty bush, shoots which reach up to 1.9 m in height. The stems are green, dense, prickly. Thorns, soft and thin, are concentrated in the lower and middle parts of the shoot. The leaves are of medium size, the ripe berries are purple-red, usually medium and large, reaching a weight of 4-6 g. Their dessert taste is remarkable: fresh sour-sweet with a well-expressed traditional flavor. The conical shape of the fruits and their bright color are highly decorative, the bushes sprinkled with red berries really remind the fairy-Firebird, decorating the site and delighting the gardener.

Malina Firebird: a description of the variety, reviews

Cultivate the culture in the Central andCentral Black Earth regions of Russia. The average winter hardiness of the variety does not allow the gardeners of the Urals and Siberia to make full use of the potential of the plant - in moderate latitudes the berries do not have time to ripen before the onset of cold weather. In the central regions fruiting begins by the end of summer, in hot years - in mid-August. Fruit productivity is 70-90%.

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Fertilized shoots under winter are cut to almostbases and destroy, thereby preventing the appearance of pests and diseases to which varieties of ordinary raspberries are susceptible. The absence of traditional diseases is one of the main advantages of such a culture as the raspberry remontant Firebird. The description of the variety would be incomplete if we did not note this advantage of the plant. Gardeners practicing the cultivation of patch raspberry do not use scaring drugs and fungicides, since there is no need for this.

Productivity of culture

Malina Zhar-Ptitsa, the description of which ispublished, high yield. Proper agricultural technology makes it possible to get from one plant to two-odd kilograms of berries with a juicy aromatic pulp. Fruits that please gardeners in the unconventional for raspberry autumn season, eaten fresh or processed. Jam, jam, compotes, homemade wine from raspberries and many other delicacies of Russian cuisine are amazingly tasty and unforgettable.

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Malina Zhar-Ptitsa, the description of which is represented, received a worthy appraisal and the recognition of summer residents for excellent productivity, decorativeness and a pleasant taste of berries.