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Tasty raspberry remandant: planting and care

Recently, local gardeners are increasinglyare interested in such plant, as raspberry remontant. Planting and care - fairly simple, not requiring constant attention or special tools. The most popular varieties are annuals that bear fruit at the very end of summer. Growing "disposable" raspberries greatly simplifies the fight against pests and characteristic diseases, since the entire ground part of the plant is removed after fruiting. That is, the winter problems on heating shoots are lost by themselves.

raspberry remand planting and care
Planting raspberry repair

A good place to house berry busheswill be southern, closed from the wind, the slopes. The soil must be fertile, traditionally neutral or, at most, weakly acidic. It is difficult to imagine a plant more photophilous than a raspberry remontant. Planting and caring for the bush suggests a choice of a sunny place, not loaded with other plantations. If this rule is violated, the berries will mature much longer, and the raspberry will bear fruit less.

planting of raspberry

Dig a special trench, which has a width ofhalf a meter and a depth of the same. Make a nutritious mixture at the rate of - 2 buckets of compost or quality humus, 1 cup of potassium sulfate and the same amount of superphosphate. Opponents of mineral fertilizing can make a liter ash can, peat or woody. Above the trench fall asleep nutrient soil and densely rammed. Just prepare the land for seedlings, only fertilizer should be put half as much.

If the disembarkation is made in rows, it is necessaryto keep the distance between them in the range of 1.6-1.8 m, between the plants themselves - 0.4-0.5 m. The bush method also showed itself well when the raspberry is cultivated. Planting and nursing in such cases involves placing the seedlings in square or arbitrary ways. Depending on the variety variety in the first year, the plant gives 1-4 new shoots. And that the shrubbery blossom by August, planted raspberry spring in the spring. With the correct watering, you can get the first berries as early as the beginning of September, besides, the autumn harvest has usually dense fruits that can be stored for a long time and do not rot on branches due to dew or light rain. With the first frost, raspberry harvesting is finished and the plant is prepared for winter.

Raspberry spring in the spring
Wintering of repairing varieties

All the ground part of the berry bush is removed aftergrasping and freezing of the soil, since before that he must pull all the nutrients from the stem into the roots. No hemp should not be left, you need to cut off the shoots near the surface of the soil. In the second year, the normalization of young root offspring begins, it is carried out in the first 3 weeks of spring vegetation. Only with strong shoots does the tasty and abundant fruit-bearing raspberry repair grow. Planting and caring for this plant is quite complex, but only for the first time. For one running meter leave 7-14 strong shoots, observing the distance between them at 15-18 cm. By the way, young shoots can be used as a quality planting material.

Tip: in order to rejuvenate raspberries, once in 4-5 years old roots must be separated with a shovel. In this way, space is freed up for new root offspring, forming strong healthy bushes.