/ / Pruning raspberry raspberry is carried out twice a year

Pruning raspberry raspberry is carried out twice a year

Pruning Raspberry Raspberry
It is the pruning of the repair raspberry that isa distinctive feature of care for this variety from its other varieties. Many gardeners prefer to grow this species, because, although it requires more attention, it is famous for its yield.

Raspberries are planted in rows.Between the seedlings the pegs must be driven in and a wire is held for support. Pruning raspberry raspberry is mandatory, because the bush needs a lot of space. On each square meter you need to leave a maximum of four stems, removing unnecessary ones.

Pruning raspberry raspberry is produced in twostage: in the first and second years of life. Some are limited to one and the same time, but experienced gardeners believe that the maximum effect in this case will not be obtained.

In the first year of the life of the bush, when shootsgrow up to one hundred and twenty and more centimeters, the cutting of the repair raspberry consists in the elementary pinching of the tips with a pruner. After that, the plant ceases to grow up, but lateral powerful shoots begin to develop. And it is on them next year will be the most berries.

Pruning of raspberry raspberry in autumn

The first pruning of the repair raspberry should be carried out in the spring to allow the lateral shoots to develop normally.

Generally, the fructification of this variety of raspberriesoccurs, as in the other species, on biennial processes. However, annual side shoots are very prolific. But since the bush spends a lot of effort on the first harvest and on the formation of appendages for the second, the agronomists offer a special technology for cultivating the raspberry varieties.

Autumn pruning of raspberry
The sprouts growing in the first year are covered in Julyflowers that turn into berries in August. It is these stems that specialists offer to remove. Pruning raspberry raspberry in the autumn is to cut off all three centimeters "penechkov" without exception. Naturally, before that, all the berries from the bushes should already be collected.

Final processing in front ofthe onset of cold weather, helps the plant to overwinter well. Autumn pruning of raspberries suggests removing all shoots that have already yielded, from their very base, and also weakened young stems. Such a "total" formation of the bush liberates the berry from many pests, for example, from the larvae of the shoot gall midges or spider mite, from the causative agents of the purple spot.

Raspberry remnant
In the second year in spring, the same bush againis cut off, while lateral shoots developed from the main trunk are removed again. This procedure is done in the spring to enable the new processes to mature as early as possible. On the lateral branches, the pruner prickles the apices to the first, and sometimes to the second strong kidney. In this case, and from them will go new shoots, giving berries.

In the southern regions, the formation of raspberry bushesrepair is spent for one, not two years. First cut off the tops, and already in the middle of summer, somewhere in July, when the lateral processes are sufficiently developed, they pinch. This method is suitable for all varieties of raspberries.

Some gardeners in May slightly pinch the tops of all shoots. This is done so that the fruiting of this garden culture began a little later and would last for a longer time.

The cultivation of repair raspberry requires specialskills for a guaranteed result. Only with the correct planting, care, including pruning, in the midst of the season you can get full baskets of delicious berries.