"Advantan" ointment

"Advantan" ointment is an effective remedy thatIt is shown in many skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis). There are two types of this drug, which differ in the content of fatty acids.

"Advantan" ointment contains methylprednisolone,which is a synthetic hormone of glucocorticoid nature. To enhance therapeutic properties, the formulation includes auxiliary substances: fat paraffin, wax, emulsifier E, purified water, white petrolatum, castor hydrogenated oil.

"Advantan" ointment has a simple mechanism of action,which consists in the penetration of the drug into skin cells. This leads to a sharp narrowing of the vessels, which leads to a momentary removal of redness, swelling, reduction of pain and itching in the inflammatory focus.

Ointment with a low content of fatty acidsIt is used for diseases that are characterized by low intensity or are at the stage of remission. The drug eliminates inflammation, moisturizes the skin and restores its natural defense, consisting mainly of lipids.

Ointment with a high content of fatty acidsIt is used for the treatment of chronic or protracted diseases. It is used on excessively dry skin. The drug creates a protective film on the affected area, which lasts for a long time and at the same time has a pronounced therapeutic effect. This property is used to treat various forms of neurodermatitis.

The main application is the emulsion "Advantan" and its ointmentfound as a means to treat various forms of the specimen (microbial, true, professional) during periods of remission. At this time, the skin becomes dry, the exudative processes subside. Sometimes the drug is used to eliminate skin manifestations of contact dermatitis (simple and allergic).

"Advantan" ointment with a high concentration of fatty acids is used to treat neurodermatitis. It helps to eliminate excessive dryness of the skin, swelling, reduce the intensity of itching.

For this preparation, there are severalcontraindications. Do not use the drug on the wetting surface of the skin (in some cases it is permissible to use a low-fat form). Tuberculosis, syphilis are diseases that are also severe contraindications for the use of ointment. The application of this drug will reduce the immunity of the skin, which will cause the spread of the pathogen infection in the bloodstream, then into the internal organs. For this reason, the drug is contraindicated in diseases of viral etiology. Among other pathological conditions that require restriction of the drug use, chickenpox, shingles, herpetic recurrent infection are isolated.

If skin rashes caused by bacterial or fungal agents occur, antifungal or antibacterial agents are used in addition to the ointment.

In the presence of rosacea - a pathological condition characterized by excessive vasodilation - the use of this drug is prohibited.

Particular contraindications are the periodpregnancy and lactation. The active substance penetrates through the mother's milk or through the hematoplacental barrier into the bloodstream of the fetus and can cause irreversible changes in its internal organs. In almost all cases, it is necessary to take into account the individual sensitivity of the organism to the drug.

Среди побочных эффектов, которыми обладает "Advantan" ointment, analogs and similar medications containing methylprednisolone, it should be noted the appearance of irritation, edema, flaking and itching. With prolonged use of the drug, the appearance of vascular asterisks, stretch marks, and white spots may appear on the skin. Atrophy of individual sites.