/ / "Mikoseptin": instruction, analogues

"Mikoseptin": instruction, analogues

What is "Mikoseptin"?This ointment is designed to treat a variety of fungal skin lesions. It consists of undecylenic acid and its zinc salt. As the ointment base used a combination of liquid and solid paraffin, white petrolatum and wax, parabens, water, some other substances.

All substances in the complex form a composition thathas an antiseptic effect on the affected skin, it dries a little. "Mikoseptin" (the instruction indicates this at the very beginning), is known by other names: "Undecylenic acid + zinc", "Undecylenic acid + Zinc undecylenate".

The product is sold in 30 grams aluminum tubes. The amount of therapeutic substance (undicilenic acid) in such tubes is 1.5 grams.

"Mikoseptin" - ointment, oily, similar toconsistency on the emulsion. Usually it is white or white-yellowish, with fatty impregnations and a specific odor. The acid in its composition actively acts against, Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, Microsporum. Zinc dries the damaged skin, accelerates its healing.

The drug is indicated for the treatment of epidermophytosis, dermatomycosis, trichophytosis of the skin.

"Микосептин", инструкция настаивает на этом, should be applied to cleanly washed skin. On open wounds, injured skin, it can not be applied to the eyes. If the ointment is in the eyes, they need to be washed with running water.

Treatment with ointment "Mikoseptin", instructionreports about this, lasts quite a long time: 6 weeks, the ointment is applied daily twice a day. Then, in case of a cure, to prevent relapse, a week of ointment is used once a day, and after that every three days for a month. If treatment is interrupted, the disease can resume.

Передозировка этого средства невозможна.The danger it represents only in case of accidental ingestion. The consequences are not harmful to life, but very unpleasant: it's vomiting, diarrhea, nausea. In the event that "Mikoseptin" enters the stomach, it is recommended to wash and treat the symptoms of poisoning. To poison does not lead to sad consequences, for symptomatic therapy it is better to go to a medical institution.

Very often, medications are incompatible betweenby yourself. The apparent incompatibility of "Mikoseptin" with other drugs does not exist. However, in each case, the doctor decides whether the use of this ointment will be effective with other substances.

"Mikoseptin" instruction warns, not recommended for pregnant and lactating, young children and people with hypersensitivity.

Among the side effects of the ointment, there are itching, burning, rarely swelling.

Czech ointment "Mikoseptin", the instruction says about it, has analogues. These drugs are "Tsinkundan" and "Undecin", which are produced in Russia and Ukraine.

The active substances of the drug "Tsinkundan" is also undicylic acid and a zinc salt. In addition to them, the medication contains an anilide of salicylic acid.

This light gray ointment with a specific odor is intended to treat the same diseases as "Mikoseptin." It has a pronounced healing and supporting effect.

The composition of the drug "Undecin" in addition to undecylenicacid is a salt of copper and para-chlorophenyl ether. Influencing the causative agents of fungal diseases, they stop their vital functions, dry the affected areas and exert a slight astringent effect.

The course of treatment with ointment is usually continued approximately20 days. It is especially active on pathogenic fungal organisms, if powdered "Dustundan" powder is powdered in between the application of the ointment and after treatment. It includes talcum powder and all the same ingredients that make up the "Mikoseptin" ointment. Analogues of the drug are somewhat different in composition, then their replacement, although possible, should be carried out only after permission of the doctor.