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Sinusitis: symptoms, treatment

During the off-season, as well as during the cool seasonyear, many people are faced with the problem of nasal congestion, sometimes it is an allergic reaction or a viral infection, but most often a nose congestion is a consequence of sinusitis. What is sinusitis? Symptoms, treatment of this disease, we will consider in this article.

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membrane,located in the area of ​​the paranasal sinuses. The disease is of several types, the most severe of which is sinusitis or purulent sinusitis, whose treatment continues throughout life. To the types of sinusitis are the frontitis (pain in the region of the superciliary arches), etmoiditis (inflammatory process of the ethmoid cells), rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa), rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses and nasal mucosa).

How is sinusitis treated?Symptoms, treatment of this disease depend on its stage. The causes of sinusitis are very many, usually it develops in those who often suffer from runny nose, colds, colds, has a curved nasal septum or suffers from a weak immune system as a whole. If you do not want to have sinusitis, symptoms, treatment and prevention of its appearance should be studied in advance and try to protect yourself from the occurrence of this unpleasant disease. Started sinusitis should be treated strictly following the doctor's recommendations: drink a full course of antibiotics in conjunction with vitamin complexes, additionally prescribed medications that reduce edema and prevent further spread of infection, rinse your nose and apply vasoconstrictive drops according to the instructions. Currently, an endoscopic examination is appointed by an otolaryngologist in the presence of chronic or acute sinusitis, endoscopic microsurgery of the nasal cavity is made, which is much more effective than a simple puncture. If sinusitis is not treated to the end, it can develop into chronic sinusitis or sinusitis and cause a lot of trouble in the future.

If problems with the nose start, worry painsor unpleasant sensations, it is necessary to consult a professional doctor (otolaryngologist) so that a common cold, not treated to the end or improperly cured, does not result from the appearance of more severe inflammatory processes, which can later become chronic. Because every fourth patient, suffering from sinusitis, gets sick with sinusitis, this disease is common among children and adolescents, as well as people of middle age group.

Sinusitis, symptoms, treatment of this diseasehave been studied to the fullest extent, so you can prevent the disease long before it begins. First of all, it should be tempered, in the off-season to drink strengthening the immune system infusions, such as dog rose, cranberry, cranberries. When hypothermia, take a warm bath with an extract of pine needles and cover the heels, chest and nose with bear fat, which will not give rise to the inflammatory process. It is necessary to avoid the sharp change of temperature as much as possible in order to protect the body from stress and possible hypothermia, which can result in sinusitis, the symptoms and treatment of which we discussed above.

The doctors found that purulent sinusitiscan also be a consequence of a dental disease: with deep caries with periodontitis in the upper jaw, not only the gums and bone tissue, but also the nasal mucosa are infected.

Periodontitis: symptoms, treatment

Periodontitis usually begins with an incorrecthygiene of the cavity of the mouth, which leads to the formation of calculus, loosening of the teeth, the appearance of cracks and unpleasant odor, followed by purulent discharge from the soft tissues. To avoid this, it is necessary at least once every six months to contact your dentist who, in case of the onset of the disease, will be able to select not only professional but also individual treatment.