/ What are the symptoms of sinusitis? Treatment of the disease

What are the symptoms of sinusitis? Treatment of the disease

Sinusitis is an inflammatory process in the sinusesnose. Depending on the place of localization of the disease, there are: maxillary sinusitis - inflammation of the sinuses over the upper jaw, frontal - frontal sinus lesions, etmoiditis - accumulation of pus in the area of ​​the septal septum.

symptoms of sinusitis treatment

Symptoms of sinusitis. Treatment

In general, the symptomatology of the disease depends on the fact,where the focus of infection. But we can distinguish common signs. These include a persistent runny nose, nasal congestion, persistent headaches, general malaise and weakness. No less important is the fact that acute or chronic is an ailment. So, in the first case, the symptoms will be stronger, there will also be fever, there may be purulent discharge from the nose. In the chronic course of the disease, the symptoms can often become aggravated and pass, which complicates its treatment.

Causes of ailment

Most often, sinusitis occurs against an untreatedcolds or a common cold. So you should treat the flu immediately, otherwise even the slightest cold can flow into a more serious illness.

Treatment of sinusitis in adults

The main thing is to find the disease on time and nottighten with its elimination. And in no case do you need to self-medicate. Because if a doctor diagnoses "acute sinusitis", treatment with antibiotics is simply inevitable. These include drugs: "Amoxicillin", "Doxycycline", "Clarithromycin" and many others. But only your doctor can prescribe them.

Symptoms of sinusitis. Treatment or puncture?

treatment of sinusitis in adults

Today, more and more often, otolaryngologists usetogether antibiotics and puncture (puncture), which allows you to eliminate the ailment much faster. This is easily explained: antibiotics help get rid of germs, and the puncture releases sinuses from pus. What is this procedure? An anesthetic injection is first done, which helps to anesthetize the procedure. Then the sinus is punctured and drained. From it, the enlarged mucosa disappears, which interferes with normal ventilation, and pus. In the bosom of the injected antibiotic, which prevents the further development of microbes in it. The entire procedure takes a few minutes, but reliably relieves sinusitis.

Symptoms of sinusitis. Treatment or prevention?

As you know, it is easier to prevent an illness thancure it. Therefore, it is easier to apply some preventive measures that will help you not get sick. The simplest way is timely and effective treatment of ARVI or influenza. It is known that sinusitis often affects those who are prone to allergic rhinitis and other diseases of the nose. Therefore, if you notice an increase in the incidence of sinusitis, then you should contact Laura for advice. It will help to identify the true cause of the disease.

Acute Sinusitis Treatment with Antibiotics

And finally

Now you know the symptoms of sinusitis, treatmentwhich should not be delayed. Remember: this ailment is a consequence of the common cold and cold, and therefore it is timely to remove them. But in no case do not resort to self-medication - this can lead to serious complications and prolong the course of the disease. May you and your loved ones always be healthy!