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Main signs of uterine cancer

Signs of cancer of the uterus
The diagnosis of "cancer" always sounds unexpected.It is clear, if a woman came to the hospital for examination, which specializes in oncological diseases, she is afraid that she will be diagnosed with the most terrible disease, but until the last she hopes that her suspicions are not true. But on the other hand, it is good if the cancer is found at an early stage, at a time when it can still be cured.

In order not to miss the onset of the disease,It is necessary to know the signs of cancer of the uterus and regularly, at least once a year, visit a gynecologist. If you do not pay attention to some symptoms, the doctor will notice even the slightest changes, and your story about the deterioration of well-being may become the starting point for the purpose of further examination. In addition, if there is even a slight suspicion, a diagnosis of cervical cancer will be carried out.

But do not panic if you are putthis terrible diagnosis. According to statistics, in 70% of cases the tumor spreads only over the body of the uterus, therefore, with timely and adequate treatment it can be eliminated. The main thing is to pay attention to the first signs of cancer of the uterus and immediately consult a competent doctor.

Alternative cancer treatment

So, the most obvious symptom is spottingselection. Even if you had a small bleeding, it is better to be safe and visit your gynecologist. In addition, the signs include a lot of mucous discharge and pain in the lower abdomen. In this case, the disease in the early stages of general health usually does not affect, therefore, women who have ignored these signs of cancer of the uterus and did not go to the doctor in time, the disease can detect too late. The most paradoxical in this situation is that many people know about these symptoms, understand what it is threatening, but are afraid to go to a gynecologist for an examination, do not want to hear a terrible diagnosis.

Also, all women should know that after 40 yearsthe risk increases. Only 5% of cases of detection of the disease fall to the age younger than 40. But 75% of the ladies who had tumors in the uterus were over 50 years old. In addition to age, weight is also a risk factor: the more extra pounds, the higher the likelihood of getting cancer. In addition, endocrine diseases and prolonged use of estrogens are a danger. If you are at risk, do not neglect your doctor's annual check-ups. Moreover, it is better to visit it at least 2 times a year. This will help to identify the disease at the 1 st or 2 nd stage, when only the uterus body and, possibly, its cervix is ​​affected.

Diagnosis of cervical cancer
Do not listen to those who offeralternative treatment of cancer - all folk methods can not stop the growth of malignant cells or prevent the emergence of new metastases. Trying to conquer the disease with the help of broths and spells, you will only achieve the progression of the ailment and can bring it to the stage when even the best specialists will be powerless. That's why even small, in your opinion, signs of cancer of the uterus should be alerted. Be sure to show your doctor, do not be afraid that your suspicions seem ridiculous to him. In fact, uterine cancer is the 4th most common among all cancer diseases among women.