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Chronic Colitis: Symptoms and Treatment

chronic colitis
Chronic colitis is manifested by pain in differentparts of the abdomen. In the abdominal cavity can simply "whine" or feel painful contractions. As a rule, after eating, unpleasant sensations become worse, but the place of pain localization is not clearly defined. Chronic colitis is accompanied by a rumbling in the abdomen, flatulence. Diarrhea usually alternates with constipation. Desires with her occur frequently - five to six times a day, and with an acute manifestation of the disease - more than 10 times. Chronic spastic colitis, the symptoms of which are often attributed to functional disorders, is also accompanied by bitterness in the mouth, nausea, refusal to eat, general weakness.

Causes of the disease

They can have both infectious andnon-infectious nature. The first reason is due to ingestion of E. coli (Shigella and Salmonella). The disease develops in the presence of intestinal dysbacteriosis, in this case the opportunistic microflora in the intestine is activated. Chronic colitis usually has a non-infectious origin. In most cases, the cause is a violation of the quality of nutrition and diet. In addition, similar symptoms are accompanied by other diseases (for example, pancreatitis or dyspepsia). The gastrointestinal tract becomes inflamed after taking certain medicines, for example laxatives or antibiotics. The disease sometimes develops due to food allergy or intolerance to certain foods.

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Chronic Colitis: Diagnosis

The diagnosis is confirmed by theResearch (irrigation, colony and sigmoidoscopy). When the endoscopic examination revealed swelling of the intestinal mucosa, hemorrhage, ulceration and stricture. Chronic colitis is often complicated by acute intestinal profuse bleeding, necrosis of the intestine (peritonitis as a consequence), gradual narrowing of the affected segment, development of intestinal obstruction.

Treatment of the disease

When the infectious nature of colitis is primarilyaffect the microorganisms that caused the disease. Chronic colitis can not be cured without diet. Food should be divided and "easy", with the observance of diet number 4. It includes low-fat soups, croutons, lean meat and fish, soft-boiled eggs, drinks in the form of green tea, coffee. An important aspect of the fight against this disease is the use of drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora.

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If the treatment used antibiotics,after such therapy it is necessary to prescribe a course of probiotics or preparations with bifidobacteria based on a lactic acid ferment. Chronic colitis is more amenable to treatment if drugs are taken that normalize the bowel. Spasmolytics the doctor appoints only during an exacerbation at strong pains. Some symptoms of the disease are similar to manifestations of other diseases, including pancreatitis or colon tumors. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe tests and studies. Self-medication can lead to undesirable consequences.