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The first signs of appendicitis in women

The causes of abdominal pain are a greata bunch of. And one of them can be appendicitis, the symptoms (signs) of which everyone should know in order to call for medical help on time. This disease is the most common among the ailments of the digestive system, which requires immediate surgical intervention. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose the problem in time and call an ambulance if necessary.

appendicitis symptoms symptoms
Signs of appendicitis in women can manifest themselves as follows:

• The first thing you should pay attention to,this is the nature of pain. As a rule, at the very beginning of appendicitis inflammation it is not possible to show exactly where the abdominal pain is concentrated. There is a feeling that it spreads throughout the abdominal cavity, but so far not so strong. However, after a couple of hours, soreness concentrates at a certain point (mainly below and on the right) and begins to increase with a doubled force. Soon, if you do not ask for help in time, signs of appendicitis in women become so obvious that you can already lie on your side and bend.

• Secondly, because of the inflammatory process in theAppendices appear nausea and vomiting, in rare cases - indigestion. However, as a rule, these signs of appendicitis in women are single and not intrusive or debilitating.

• The tongue is covered with a white layer of plaque on examination, dry.

• There is a sharp and steady rise in body temperature.

Most often, relatives who are close to the patient,even before the arrival of doctors try to independently diagnose signs of appendicitis in women, bending and unbending their legs and pressing on the place of pain. So, of course, you can diagnose, but by doing such manipulations without having experience, you can further damage the patient, causing apoplexy of the appendix.

signs of appendicitis in women
Those who wait for a child, the probabilitythe occurrence of such a problem is very small. The signs of appendicitis in pregnant women are the same as in women who are not expecting an addition, but often vomiting and painful sensations are associated with a change in the hormonal background, and not with an inflammation of the appendix. Therefore, future mothers need to carefully monitor their body, and with the slightest suspicion of calling a doctor. At the same time, one should know that in the late stages of pregnancy the internal organs of a woman change their location, and therefore the pain associated with inflammation of appendicitis may not be in the right side, but slightly higher or even in the lumbar region.

signs of appendicitis in pregnant women
Later, seeking medical help andself-medication can provoke rupture of the appendix and very serious health problems. Despite the seeming simplicity of carrying out such operations, in the practice of surgeons there are also deaths due to the negligent attitude of people towards their sensations. Therefore, even if you have at least one symptom that makes you suspicious of appendicitis, do not be lazy to dial an emergency number. It really can save your life.