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The drug "Oxolin Ointment": use for children

Viral infections are better prevented than cured. Everyone knows this. Therefore, in the period of virus epidemics, specialists recommend conducting a number of preventive procedures.

oxolin ointment for use
Physicians are advised to use funds forindividual protection (mask), regularly ventilate the premises, less in public places, use personal hygiene. The drug "Oksolinovaya ointment", the use of which is recommended by therapists, gynecologists, pediatricians, is also a preventive tool in the fight against viruses.

Effect of the drug

In the composition of the ointment there is a substance thathas a harmful effect on viruses of herpes simplex, influenza, adenovirus. Simplified work of the drug can be described as follows: viruses, getting into the nasal cavity, lubricated with ointment, can not continue movement along the respiratory tract deep, lose the ability to reproduce, their effect is paralyzed, the disease does not develop. It is believed that the simple mechanical effect of the ointment on viruses also contributes to their deactivation. In other words, this ointment acts as a barrier to pathogenic viruses. For prevention use 0.25% ointment. Other forms of release of the drug are used to treat other diseases.

How to apply the drug "Oksolinovaya ointment" for children?

Oxoline ointment for children
This drug as a preventive is recommended for use not earlier than two years of age, although very often parents start using the drug even during the period of newborn.

The mucous membrane of the nasal cavity is lubricated by twoonce a day, best of all - in the morning and in the evening. The duration of use of the drug can go up to 25 days. The effect of using the ointment is achieved only when it is used daily.

If, after all, the drug "Oksolinovaya ointment"application finds in children up to the age of two, then you need not lubricate the mucous membrane, but the area around the nasal passages, so as not to obstruct the process of breathing. Otherwise, it can provoke the occurrence of oral breathing, which will lead to an even faster penetration of viruses into the child's body. Sometimes pediatricians advise before applying the ointment to dilute it with baby cream or petroleum jelly. A good preventive tool in fighting the common cold in infants is washing the nose with water (sea salt, salted), decoction of chamomile. It is more effective and harmless.

Oksolinovaya Ointment: use and precautions

Oxoline ointment for children
In pharmacies, this ointment is dispensed without a doctor's prescription, but this does not mean that its use can be uncontrolled. Before applying this medication, you should definitely get the doctor's advice.

If there are allergic reactions, then the drug "Oxoline ointment" for children is assigned very carefully. There may also be an individual intolerance to the drug.

Overdrying the nasal mucosa, burning sensation in the areas of application of the ointment are side effects of using this remedy, but they do not cause much discomfort, as they quickly pass.

The drug "Oksolinovaya ointment", the use of whichwas widely used as an effective preventive means of influenza, ARVI, ARI, during childbearing and feeding should be used very cautiously because of lack of reliable data on the effect of the drug on the organism of this category of patients.