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Why is oxolin ointment used?

During the height of the flu epidemics, we often hear her being asked in pharmacies. This ointment is high hopes, it is considered a reliable protection.

In this article, we will tell you what oksolinovaya ointment is, why it is used, how to use the product correctly, and why it is so quickly sold out in pharmacies, when flu epidemics are rampant.

What is oxolin ointment?

This ointment, the main active ingredient of whichis oxolin. It is believed that this component has an antiviral effect. For the first time the ointment was released in the seventies of the last millennium in Russia. In the list of international codes, she until recently was absent.

What is oxolin ointment for?The effectiveness of the tool has not yet been proven, tests are only being planned. Nevertheless, this "miracle-ointment" in winter a huge rush in pharmacies. She is considered a panacea for the flu. Many are happy with the result of using the remedy and say that it really helps. Is it so? And what are the functions of the ointment? We will try to understand below.

for which oxolin ointment

What is oxolin ointment for?

Variants of using the tool can be conditionallydivided into two areas: treatment and prevention. Ointment has an antiviral effect. To her, viruses are considered to be sensitive, among which are herpes, lichen and some types of influenza.

In the treatment of ointment should be used strictly according to the prescription of the doctor. The same applies to prevention, because this drug is not as simple as it seems, and also has side effects and contraindications.

Oksolinovaja ointment (for what it is applied, webelow) gained its popularity and fame in 2009, when news of the so-called "avian" flu spread panic. The ointment was then called a good prophylactic, and in pharmacies it was simply smeared off shelves, and even in such quantity that people who really needed it (for example, for treating the same herpes or lichen) had to order it and wait for weeks of replenishment.

Why is this drug so bought up?It was believed that if the drug "Oksolinovaya ointment" to smear your nose, it will save you from the flu. Reason in this is, because it is through the mucous membrane of the nose that the virus penetrates into our body. When this shell is covered with a means that kills the virus, this will reduce the chances of infection. But there are also some nuances here. For example, the ointment is ideal as a protective device for a trip to the clinic, but it is not very rational to use it every day when working on a job. The manufacturer recommends this prophylaxis during peak epidemics, but not longer than twenty to twenty-five days. With a longer application, the active substance overdries the nasal mucosa, making it vulnerable. Remember the rule that everything needs a measure. It also applies to the use of ointment.

oxolin ointment for children

Instructions for use

Indications for the use of ointment are such diseases:

  • Viral infections of the skin, eyes.
  • Rhinitis of the viral etiology.
  • For the treatment of lichens (shingles and blisters).
  • Prevention of influenza.

Its effect is due to the presence in the composition of oxoline, to which the viruses are sensitive. Apply ointment externally to the affected areas (or conjunctiva in eye infections) several times a day.

When first applied to the nasal mucosa, a brief sensation of burning and itching is possible.

Ointment quickly penetrates into the blood, while it is just as quickly removed from the body, does not accumulate in the organs.

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Contraindications and side effects

Among the main contraindications to the drug on the tube, we see standard warnings - do not use if hypersensitivity to the main or auxiliary components of the drug.

Side effects are also not yet identified. At the first application, rapid itching and burning sensation at the application site are possible. But this phenomenon is temporary and conditioned by the specificity of the action of the ointment.

It is not recommended to use ointment for more than 25 days.Do not use it together with vasoconstrictive drops, as it threatens overdried mucous, leading to internal trauma and capillary bleeding.

In pregnancy and lactation, the use ofperhaps if the potential risk to the fetus is less tangible than the benefits for the mother's body. There are no both positive and negative proven effects. All because studies in this area have not been conducted.

We can say that a universal toolOxoline ointment. Can children use this drug? With children the same option as with the use of funds by pregnant women - there was simply no research in this direction. Strongly it is not necessary to apply ointment for newborns and babies, at least up to a year. Children older than there is a recommendation "apply with caution."

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Oksolinka and the flu

Prevention of influenza, for which oxolin ointmentmost often it is used, it is impossible without an integrated approach. Do not think that if you have smeared your nose with oxolin, you are protected. This is a completely erroneous proposal. Ointment will kill a number of viruses, but if your immunity is weakened, and the general condition of the body is completely deplorable, the ointment will not save not only from the flu, but from many other viruses and bacteria. It is necessary to take care of strengthening immunity, to monitor the quality of sleep and nutrition. Then oxolin ointment as a means of protection and prevention will strengthen the barriers of your body.

Viruses are very insidious and seek slack, protectingonly the nose, you will not save the entire body if it is weakened or weakened. And even moral frustration and depression can lead you to vulnerability and lower immunity.

Oxoline ointment for what is used

Feedback and conclusions

So what is oxolin ointment for?Let's see what the reviews say about the drug and its effectiveness in fighting flu. There are many positive reviews of the means buyers. If we talk about negative, then not all of them need to be taken into account, because many people who were sick, convinced that they will save their ointment, simply did not use it and did not store it according to instructions. Oxolinum is sensitive to high temperatures, the most comfortable degree of storage is about 5-10. The optimal place for storing the ointment is a refrigerator where it does not flow and does not lose its properties.

In addition, do not forget that this tool -Not armor, about which the viruses crumble, like enemy arrows. If immunity is at zero, such minimal prevention is unlikely to help, strengthen your immune system and do not get sick!