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Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: specifications, settings, reviews, review. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 does not charge and does not turn on

As we all know, the line of mobile devices from Samsung has dozens of models. This includes, for example, both smartphones and tablets developed in the Galaxy class.

The device, referred to in this article,It is also included in this category, as evidenced by its name. We'll talk about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - a seven-inch tablet, released in 2012, which was once one of the most powerful devices in the line. The article will describe the device, a description of some of its modules, as well as customer feedback.

General information

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Today, of course, the device is obsolete -you can judge this by at least the technical description of the device. If at the time of the release the tablet could be called a fairly strong player on the market (due to high-quality assembly and rather advanced equipment), now even in the budget-priced class there are sometimes more productive versions. Nevertheless, this is the peculiarity of the device - at the time of its release it was in demand and had actual technical parameters. In addition to them, it is possible to note ergonomic, stylish design and high-quality materials from which the case of the model is assembled. And all this - for 15 thousand rubles in the version without the 3G-module and for 20 thousand - with that.

However, let's start talking about everything in detail, so you can understand what is so good about this device.


The device is presented from the moment of purchase in the verythat neither is a classic set. This includes the tablet itself and the charger, which consists of two parts - a USB cable and an adapter to connect it to the power network. There is no film on the tablet screen, but it is on the adapter. The bundle is meager if compared with Chinese devices, but it's quite common for such famous companies as Samsung.


Externally, perhaps, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is not enoughdiffers from some modern devices. This - gray plastic, painted "under the metal, smoothed edges, the lack of right angles. For Samsung, this design once formed the basis for further models - just when the company abandoned the "verified" (at the time) copying of Apple devices. Thus, it can be said that this is one of the earliest solutions in the design from the Korean holding. However, because of its prevalence unique, this appearance can not be called exactly.

Due to the smooth edges keep the tabletconvenient enough. Judging by the placement of the logo on the front lower part of the device, the manufacturer expects to work in a vertical variation, classical for 7-inch tablets.

On the right side of the case there is all the navigation - these are the volume control buttons and the key for unlocking the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 screen.

The opposite, left side of the device hasholes for the memory card, which allows to significantly expand the capacity of the device, as well as for the SIM card (in case it is a version of the tablet with support for work in 3G networks). These sockets are hidden under a special latch, which makes working with them comfortable and provides some protection for functional holes from dust and moisture.

On the lower edge of the device you can see the nestto charge the tablet (which also serves as a connector for connecting to a PC), as well as speakers under a special grid. They are located in such a way that when working in a horizontal position, the speakers will not be closed at the tablet.


On the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 manufacturersinstalled a display operating on the PLS-matrix. At its core, it is a competitor to IPS screens, which Samsung has brought to the market. It uses its development on different models, and all are characterized by special, soft colors, which are somewhat more difficult to distinguish in the sunlight. So be prepared for the fact that working with a tablet in bright weather will be somewhat problematic - it will save only the maximum brightness.

not charging a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Resolution here at the level of 2012 - reachesonly 1024 by 600 pixels, so you should not count on the high density of the picture (it will be at the level of 170 pixels per inch). But the display works with a multitouch function, which recognizes up to 10 touches.

Also, if you view the Samsung ownedGalaxy Tab 2 specifications, you can see the presence of an ambient light sensor. As the tests show, it does not work exactly, so it's more comfortable (the reviews confirm this) to turn the tablet into a manual mode to determine the brightness of the screen and display it yourself.


As we all know, the problem of autonomy is relevantfor many mobile devices, especially those with small screens and overall dimensions. As for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, user reviews say it's a fairly stand-alone device with a strong hardy battery. At least in the technical description it is a question of the capacity of the battery at the level of 4000 mAh. Due to the optimized energy consumption, the device can survive in the mode of the most intensive use (playing HD-video with the maximum volume level in the headphones) up to 5 hours. Of course, with a more moderate charge, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet will be able to please the user with longer work.

Just note that you can not replace the battery yourself here - the back cover of the tablet is closed, and to work with the SIM card and microSD holes are used on the left side of the case.


From the performance point of view, nocensures to the device can not be - the tablet, according to the owners, works fine even with loads. Contributed to this claimed in the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 processor TI OMAP 4430, which has a clock speed of 1 GHz, operating on two cores. There is a device with 1 GB of RAM, which, in principle, is enough to perform standard tasks. Although, of course, there are reviews in which people expressed their wishes that the manufacturer increased this figure to at least 2 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 does not charge

As the tests show, Samsung's web browserGalaxy Tab 2 (the review we have dedicated) works faster than other tablets with a screen in 7 inches of 2012 release. This was achieved by the developers at the expense of a more productive filling.


We all understand that using a tabletcomputer for making pictures and taking video is not entirely convenient. Nevertheless, manufacturers continue to equip their devices with cameras. The same applies to the Galaxy Tab 2.

According to the specifications, on the tabletinstalled a 3-megapixel main camera, which allows you to take pictures at a resolution of 2048 to 1536 pixels. In addition, the function of creating video (720 p format) is supported. In addition to it, there is also a front camera for the creation of "Selfie"; traditionally it has a lower resolution (only 0.3 megapixels).

As evidenced by customer testimonials, pictures onthe device is quite acceptable (for the main camera), whereas it is possible to talk about working with the front only in the context of conversations on Skype and other messengers.

operating system

Of course, traditionally the device from the KoreanSamsung is running Android OS version 4.0.3. This firmware has been on the device since its launch on the market. As for the updates, then, probably, they reached modification 4.2.2, after which the company refused to adapt the following parts of the operating system. Therefore, version 5.1 here you will not see.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 specifications

Included with this version of the system is installeda graphic shell called TouchWiz, which is known for its special design and logic of operation. It can be seen on other devices from Samsung, in particular, the Samsung Galaxy S3.


With support for multimedia files on the tabletthings are fine. The whole thing, first of all, in the pre-installed software from Samsung, which allows you to recognize most of the currently available formats. Problems such as "on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 video does not turn on" (or audio), you can meet very rarely. To combat this, you can easily install additional players (for example, MX Player will be ideal for that solution). This applies in particular to the MKV format. However, if you do not take it into account, then with standard applications you can work - they have all the necessary functionality for this.


In terms of communication support, theThe tablet does not differ much from the majority of gadgets on the market. If you go to the settings on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, you will notice that there is Bluetooth support for sending and receiving files, there is WiFi for working with wireless fixed networks, and a GSM module is installed that allows you to call and send messages as if from a phone. In addition, the buyer can choose the bundle, which will provide a module for 3G - then the device will get even more mobility, having the opportunity to work in networks.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 does not turn on


Recommendations about the device we easily succeededto find. It should immediately be noted that most of the reviews are positive. Buyers characterize the device as an affordable and comfortable enough to work tablet, ideally suited for the main tasks.

Among the negative, you could notice a few -in particular, describing that several users are not charging a tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Owners of problematic devices have tried to understand why this is happening and what can be the reason. As the answers left by specialists show, the problem was a technical breakdown. If someone does not charge the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet, you can fix it only by either replacing the adapter that connects the device to the network, or by installing a new power socket.

A similar problem may be the situation whenthe tablet does not turn on (does not respond to the power button). There can be several reasons - either the device is completely depleted (connecting to the network will let you know if this is the case), or the button for unlocking the display failed (again, connect the device to the power supply). There may also be a more serious hardware problem, for which you need to contact the service center.

There were other estimates - someone mentionedthe fact that the tablet is very hot during operation. There were also opinions about the lack of a bright (or large) screen. Of course, if Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is not charging - this is a more serious drawback than the fact of heating during operation. However, similar problems can be found on other models.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 settings

What conclusions can be drawn from our findings?review? First, Samsung knows how to make high-quality tablets - and this proves the "main character" of our review, released back in 2012. This means that modern devices are performed at a more perfect level, which can not but rejoice. Secondly, budget devices can be purchased without fear, if you expect to perform basic actions for them like watching movies, surfing, reading mail, books and the like. For such tasks, the device described by us will be just perfect. Thirdly, budget gadgets can also please you with their performance. Again, reviews of the seven-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are a confirmation.