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What does the "Academy of Sports" (Novocheboksarsk) offer to its clients?

Today's article will be devoted to sportscenters of the city of Novocheboksarsk, or rather, one of them. Let's say at once that this article is not of an advertising nature, just informative and fact-finding.

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On the eve of the new year, the demand for servicesfitness centers and gyms several times increases, as many people want to put themselves in order, lose an extra pair of kilograms and meet the holiday in a tone. In addition, if you are drawn into classes, you can develop a habit and a regular need to keep yourself in shape. It is good to consolidate this same habit in the next 2017.

Sports Centers of Novocheboksarsk

So, the sports centers in smallNovocheboksarsk is enough for all the active and health-conscious population of the town. They are fifteen, according to Cheboksary's urban site ChebRu. All of them provide different services, programs and directions. This should all be clarified by the administrators of these institutions.

"Academy of Sports" (Novocheboksarsk)

The most famous sports facility in the cityIs the Academy of Sports. It is located at: ul. Vinokourov, 111, opposite the children's polyclinic. So what services does the sports center offer and what is their cost? To familiarize with possible directions it is possible on an official site. For its clients, the Academy of Sports offers a wide variety of services to support in the form of body, spirit and for the recovery of one's body in two fitness rooms and one fitness room.

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Directions and activities

  • Shaping - harmonious sport activities, inthe result of which is an effective work on the problem areas of the figure. In addition, it is necessary to observe a certain system of nutrition before and after training. Individual approach and taking into account your particular characteristics will be provided. Lessons for half a year twice a week guarantee you the achievement of the desired result.
  • Shaping therapy is quite calm, butintensive mode. This is a light complex of gymnastic exercises. He works on improving the entire body and works out all the muscles of the body. This program is suitable even for those who have health problems and would like to get rid of them.
  • Pilates is ideal for proper work on the bodyfor those who wish all ages. The technique is safe and reliable. The combination of a certain breath with exercises leads to an excellent condition not only muscles, but also internal organs.
  • Strip plastic is a direction that not only studies the body in dance, but also develops plasticity, eroticism, to some extent femininity. Owning your body will bring you closer to the ideal.
  • Callanetic is an amazing and powerful direction.This is slow, but purposeful gymnastics. It is believed that 60 minutes of callanetics by load are equal to 7-hour shaping or ... 24-hour aerobics. Directions are amazing!
  • Step-fitness is an intensive combination of aerobics and power loads. However, there are contraindications for occupying this direction for certain health problems.
  • Power yoga is a particularly intense yoga, allowing you to control your body and breathing and increase your flexibility.
  • Zumba, Zumba Toning, Zumba Mix - dance incendiary exercises in pleasure and a simultaneous sports load on all muscle groups.

The Academy of Sports (Novocheboksarsk) offersalso classes in health gymnastics, belly dances, fitness aerobics, body ballet, body-sculpt. Classes can be either individual or group.

The price policy is quite diverse andprovides an individual approach to different categories of the population: there are separate offers for schoolchildren, students. There are certain hours (from 9 am to 5:30 pm), when discounts can be given to classes in the gym. The cost also depends on the number of visits per month. Single occupation - 180-200 rubles. It is more convenient to take a subscription. To find the right program, time for classes, to use the services of an instructor (or a teacher), as well as to specify other information, you can either on the site or at the administrator of the "Academy of Sports" Center (Novocheboksarsk).

The team of instructors is well selected, with youwill work experts in their field. A special advantage is that a professional masseur works on the territory of the fitness center "Academy of Sports".

Wishing at last, or a few words about the site

The simplest page that performs its owninformative function. It allows you to find out most of the information about the fitness center "Academy of Sports" (Novocheboksarsk). However, it would be great to be able to get acquainted with the feedback of already existing customers. For example, in the tab on the website "Academy of Sports (Novocheboksarsk): reviews" (or something like that). After all, people who visit this institution, a lot. This will allow you to learn faster about news, current promotions, and, possibly, improve the quality of the services provided, as, as you know, there is no limit to perfection.

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We wish you and the fitness center productive work, as well as a healthy and healthy lifestyle in the new year!