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Influence is a motivation for development

To date, there are many books,Considering the question of the psychological impact of people on each other. Each of us in one way or another is trying to influence his relatives, colleagues, friends. And in this there is nothing surprising or bad. Simply every person wants to feel relevant and in demand, so sometimes he is inclined to manipulate others a little. This article examines the influence of factors on a person's consciousness and explains the reasons for the formation of certain relationships.

The essence of the concept

Man is a social being.We all live in a society and take into account its laws. Sometimes social norms and requirements completely subordinate to themselves a personality, leaving it no right to defend their own individuality. Influence is an integral part of any interaction.

influence this

Most often, the impact is onsubconscious level, that is, people may not realize that they are subject to this. Nobody wants to be a weak, driven person, but millions of people do not realize that they are led by stronger individuals and do it very successfully. Do we often make decisions on our own, guided by our own values, plans, dreams? Agree, most often we are driven by circumstances, uncontrolled events, accidents. A person, in fact, can never know what is preparing him a real day.

Factors affecting the personality

Influence is always a very ambiguous concept.People are affected daily by a lot of things, which they hardly think about. In fact, there are only two main factors that really matter. The first is an effective belief, as a result of which the person tends to change his mind under the influence of the majority. People who are mentally unstable easily succumb to the social principle and are in the habit of adapting themselves to the opinion of the collective in most cases. Another important factor is suggestion.


It is an imposed opinion thatthe person is guided at the moment of making important decisions. Suggestion is not a genuine sense of personality, because it always comes from a stronger opponent.

Family Conditions

The atmosphere in which a child grows,pawned by parents. These are the first close people on whom the success of a growing personality as a whole depends. In this case, influence is the principles and beliefs that guide the family in the system of educating their children. Every adult person considers it his duty to give the child everything necessary, to make his life complete and happy. It is parents who instill the necessary goals and values ​​for children. Family conditions, perhaps, are the most powerful factor that has a strong influence on the development and formation of the individual. When children grow up in a happy family, they involuntarily absorb all the best: respectful examples of relatives, parents, grandparents. In the case of education in an incomplete family or an unfavorable atmosphere, the child to some extent remains deprived of parental love, attention, support.


No person can fully live anddevelop outside society. The collective surrounds us everywhere from an early age. The child enters the kindergarten, the school - and everywhere he has to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the external environment. The environment in which the person is located, imposes a significant imprint on his development.

influence of factors

If close to it there are people sensitive, capableas it should be understood, then society will generally have a positive impact, contribute to the disclosure of individual abilities and opportunities. When it comes to the fact that the environment hinders the child's development, humiliates him, hinders the disclosure of talents, in this case the collective only hurts, inflicting wounds that will not heal very soon.

Development of individuality

Own thoughts, feelings, moods as it is impossiblebetter contribute to the formation of personality. Ideas that come to mind, dreams, feelings affect the personality, because they lead it forward, make it necessary to learn new things and constantly develop. If a person appreciates himself sufficiently, knows his true dreams, sets real goals for himself, concentrates his attention on the necessary tasks, then his development will proceed at a rather rapid pace. In this case, the personality itself can be influenced by one's own thoughts, insights, aspirations, plans for the future.

impact on development

Thus, influence is a special conditionthe formation of personality, under which the impact on the significant side of her psyche. Everyone has vulnerable character traits. Each of us is subject to a certain type of influence.