/ / Is it possible to change the character and qualities of a person?

Is it possible to change the character and qualities of a person?

Sometimes you hear this phrase:"What can I do, I have such a character." Often, unscrupulous, lazy or passive people tend to write off their shortcomings to "the character that came from birth." But can this be done? What is character? Can you change it to make your own life (or the life of others) better?

The character of a person is a whole complexrelatively stable properties of the psyche, which determine the identity of a person, his behavior and relations with the surrounding world. It is the nature that determines the image and style of life, behavior, relationships.

personal qualities

At the core of the character are personal qualities. They define the four main groups that shape the character.

The first group includes such qualitiesperson, as an attitude to society, people around. The notions of collectivism-individualism, sensitivity-callousness, sociability-isolation are not only called the qualities inherent in a particular person, but also largely determine the attitude of others towards it.

The qualities that are integrated into the second group,show the relationship of a person (person) to work. These include laziness, diligence, a penchant for routine work or creative work, initiative or passivity, responsibility and conscientiousness.

In the third group, experts combine qualityman, showing how he treats himself. This includes self-esteem, pride, self-criticism, modesty and their antipodes: complacency, arrogance, egocentrism or selfishness, shyness.

human qualities

Finally, in the last, but not less important groupphilosophers and psychologists unite the qualities that characterize the person's attitude to material goods and things. Non-compliance and accuracy, negligence and frugality have a great impact on a person's life.

From this systematics it can be seen that any qualitycharacter can be changed. But it is impossible to change only one chosen quality: they are all interconnected. For example, you can not get rid of your own falsity or rudeness, ignoring the attitude towards others, fixating on your egocentrism.

The character of a person can be holistic and harmonious or impetuous and contradictory. These are the characteristics of people. But it is possible to change the character by systematically working on oneself.

In order to determine the character of a person, to make up its characteristics, philosophers divided the moral qualities of a person into several groups.

Positive moral qualities:

  • Humanism, humanity - respect for human rights, its dignity, attitude to any person as the highest value.
  • Honor, conscience, nobility and some other social concepts associated with a positive assessment of the individual.
  • Justice is the correlation of rights and duties, deeds and rewards.

Negative moral qualities:

  • Swagger, cynicism, rudeness - putting in the first place of their qualities, disregard for others.
  • Parasiteism - the desire to live at the expense of others.
  • Nihilism is the denial of spiritual or cultural values, the meaningfulness of a person’s existence, the non-recognition of any authorities or rules.
     person's character

Socially useful moral qualities:

  • Will, determination - the ability to make decisions, to act, to direct their thoughts, actions, aspirations.
  • Wisdom - the ability to assess their own qualities, to relate them to the acquired experience and knowledge.
  • Conviction, patriotism - the willingness to fully subordinate their interests to the requirements of the Motherland, the willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the Fatherland.

These and other qualities of a person constitute his character. A person working on himself is capable of self-cultivating character.