/ / Personal qualities of a person - the determining factor of his life activity

Personality of a person - the determining factor of his life

In order to better understand the nature of originthe expression "personal qualities of a person", it is better to turn to psychology, its basic concepts, and the definitions of some aspects of the human essence.

The term "individual" includes the generichuman belonging, in fact, this formation is genetic, a set of individual and hereditary traits. Having emerged into the world, a person becomes also a person, this is already a social concept, to which the environment mostly influences. That is, the same individual, but considered already as a social being. The concept of "personality" was introduced into psychology with the aim to show that psychic phenomena originate from real human existence, from its interrelations with the material world, other people and the social environment. The implementation of these relations is carried out through the activities of man, through which there is a knowledge of the world and its change. Personality simply can not be separated from the role that it has to play in life.

Исходя из той картины, которая складывается при reflection of the human attitude to reality, a character arises that has collected the personal qualities of a person. Since each person relates to what is happening in different ways, that is, otherwise reflects reality, character, and, consequently, personal qualities, have a strictly individual set, just as at birth we are given a certain set of chromosomes, but only in a social perspective . Well, a dog sits on the road, a black one, four paws, a tail, only one sees a potential danger in it, and others will pay attention to the wounded paw. Quite primitive, but affordable. Therefore, some are kind, others are prudent.

Probably, it is not necessary to transfer to the paper the full list, which includes the personal qualities of a person - an empty and unnecessary occupation. It is better to devote a few lines to a more productive lesson.

Personality qualities are the defining principlemany spheres of his life, including professional. If the personality is dominated by the qualities of the leader (psychology separately studies this side of the personality), then it is appropriate to talk about such an aggregate concept as a person's business qualities.

It already talks about more specific concepts, character traits, which define one, we might say, collective, quality - efficiency. These include:

  • the ability to seek and find the shortest paths leading to the goal;
  • the ability to think independently and make the most efficient decisions in the best possible way;
  • ability to ensure their implementation;
  • the ability to take an initiative manner of action, reaching enthusiasm.

If the character manifests these personalthe person has every chance to become the leader of a certain group of people, large or small, that is, to manage personnel, production or another process.

In general, business qualities are extremely complexpsychological category. If you conduct their scrupulous analysis, you need, at least, to do a dissertation, and all that follows. We note only one side of this concept, which characterizes business qualities, as a symbiosis of two components: organizational skills and competence. The same definitions are the main ones in the category of "personal qualities of the leader".

Head, incompetent in the affairs of the company, nothaving certain professional skills, is in humiliating dependence on subordinates. He is forced to act on their prompts or on the instructions of the authorities. Therefore, it often happens that he surrounds himself with such incompetent people, so as not to look at least silly.

As for the second side of the question - organizational skills - here it should be more accurately determine what they include:

  • the ability to identify and formulate specific tasks, both concerning the solution of a particular problem and prospective ones;
  • the ability to reason decisions, as well as to ensure their implementation;
  • ability to reconcile ideas with real conditions;
  • ability to organize, coordinate, control the work of subordinates;
  • ability and willingness to cooperate effectively with supervisory authorities and other units.

Possession of these business personality traits is a guarantee of the success of an organization led by such a person.