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St. Petersburg - Anapa: how can I get there?

Southern direction for travel especiallypopular in May-September, during the holiday company. At this time people go to rest on the sea and see the nature of the south of Russia. One of the most sought after directions in this period is St. Petersburg-Anapa.

Distance between cities

Two of these Russian cities are located quitefar apart from each other even by Russian standards. 1736 kilometers - the distance in a straight line (with a possible air flight) on the route St. Petersburg-Anapa. The distance by car when traveling along the nearest road is 2186 kilometers. Overcome this distance by car can be approximately 32 hours (without parking).

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It is worth calculating how much fuelspend for a one-way trip. Let's say that passengers are going to go by car. We assume that the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers will be 8 liters. Multiply 8 by 21.86 and we get that for one trip on the route St. Petersburg-Anapa will have to consume 175 liters of gasoline.

Truck average of 100 kilometersconsumes 30 liters of fuel. Multiplying 30 by 21.86, we will know that to travel a truck from St. Petersburg to Anapa will need 656 liters of fuel.

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Anapa-Saint-Petersburg: distance by car

We will analyze how you can get there fromPetersburg to Anapa by car. Accordingly, the return path can be overcome on the same route. We need to go to the road in the direction of the village Ulyanovka, which is 27 kilometers from the Northern capital. In general, the territory of the Leningrad region will have to travel 112 kilometers. Along the route there are such settlements: Ushaki, Ryabovo, Luban, Trubnikov Bor, Babino. Then starts the highway section, located in the Novgorod region. The first settlement that will need to drive in this area is Chudovo. In the Novgorod region, the motorist will have to travel 218 kilometers to the village of Dobyvalovo. Russia is a big and wide country! The Tver region has always been famous for its hospitality, so any driver, having come to the village of Ozerny, will be able to eat and rest. In the Tver region on the 273th kilometer of the road towards Anapa there is the last settlement in this direction - Zavidovo. The route goes further to Moscow (244 km), Tula (197 km), Lipetsk (114 km), Voronezh (396 km), Rostov (363 km) and Krasnodar Territory (360 km).

Anapa-petersburg route

Railway communication

From the northern capital to Anapa the train goes daily.He leaves from the main station of St. Petersburg at 22 hours 11 minutes Moscow time. The length of the route is 2,382 kilometers, so he will be on the road as much as 44 hours and 9 minutes. Arrival at the railway station of Anapa on schedule is scheduled for 18 hours and 20 minutes (every day, a day after sending the train from the northern capital). The train "Anapa-Saint Petersburg" should also be daily. By the way, the return flight is a little longer in time, because the train leaves at 22:55 from Anapa, and arrives in St. Petersburg two days later at 22 hours 51 minutes.

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Route to Anapa

The first stop after the start of the route is the stationMalaya Vishera (located at a distance of 162 km from the main railway station of St. Petersburg). Parking of the train - 1 minute. Further, the train is directed towards Bologoye-Moskovsky stop (approximately 2 hours drive). After this stop, passengers leave and board a train at the station Spirovo. In the regional center of Tver, the St. Petersburg-Anapa train arrives at 04-18 and costs 1 minute. The next parking lot - Kursky railway station in Moscow. After a stop in the capital, the train will proceed to Tula, where it will arrive in 10 hours 38 minutes of the first day of the trip. Further the train route will pass through Efremov station, Yelets, and at 18 hours 3 minutes the train will arrive in Lipetsk. After this stop the train will pass a little more than 4 hours without parking and will arrive in Voronezh at 22:17. Stand composition will be 5 minutes, then go to the station Liski (go a little more than an hour). After this stop on the way there will be Rossosh station (at 01:17), Chertkovo (at 03:10), Millerovo (at 04:22), Lihaya (at 06:08). In the city of Rostov train "St. Petersburg-Anapa" will arrive, according to the schedule of Russian Railways, at 9:12 am. The parking lot will last 28 minutes. The next (and last) stop of the train is Timashevskaya station (parking time from 12:16 to 12:20).


Anapa-Saint-Petersburg: route of return traffic

On the way back this train goes a bitanother route. On the way from Petersburg this train does not go through Krasnodar, but from Anapa - goes. The first stop after the start of the route is the Crimean station (parking 32 minutes). Then the train will stop at the station of the village of Abinskoye. At 03:17 the team will arrive at the station. Krasnodar-1, and at 03:37 - Krasnodar-2. Then at 03:59 there will be a technical stop lasting 27 minutes. Parking at the station Myshastikovka will last from 04:48 to 05:32. Before the stop at the Rostov station, the train will follow the Bryukhovetskaya, Kanevskaya and Starominskaya stations. Then again the train will deviate from the route from St. Petersburg, having stopped in Novocherkassk, Shakhtnoy, Sulin, Zverevo. After these stations, the Anapa-Saint-Petersburg flight (the route RZD) will take the same route as the train from St. Petersburg to Anapa follows. The difference is that some stops are added. The Anapa-St Petersburg train arrives at the final stop at 22:51 of the second day of the road.


The Anapa-Saint-Petersburg route (the railway is stretched outIt is one of the most popular trains in the country, because it connects the northern and southern parts of the country. Of course, the journey lasts about two days, but all the same the trip by train will cost passengers much cheaper than traveling by plane.

Tourists are very fond of traveling on this train, because there is a great opportunity to admire the beauty of Russian nature, its contrasts depending on the region.

The train "St. Petersburg-Anapa" is the most accessible and most convenient means of getting from the north to the south of the country.