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Volgograd - St. Petersburg: we travel around the country

What could be better than traveling home?by car, train or plane? To contemplate the beauty of nature, the vastness of the homeland - this is a real pleasure for real travelers. In this article you will learn the features of the route Volgograd - St. Petersburg, the distance between cities, convenient and economical ways of traveling, some interesting facts about these wonderful Russian cities.

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Volgograd is a record city!

Volgograd, St. Petersburg are hero cities witha truly impressive history, numbering several centuries of growth and decline, succeeding each other. Today Volgograd is a dynamically developing city in the southwest of the Russian Federation, and once it was a small town that grew up on an important trade route - the Volga. In the period from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries Volgograd was a strategically important "watch town" of princely Russia. The true heroism was shown by the inhabitants of Stalingrad, bravely holding the onslaught of Nazi Germany. Noting the historical features of the city, one can not help but recall the legendary Mamayev Kurgan - the epicenter of the fierce battles of the Russian troops. The statue "Motherland" is one of the highest monuments in the world. Only one sword in the woman's hand is about thirty meters in length! Another monumental record holder in Russia - a monument to the leader Joseph Stalin, located there. Its height is twenty-seven meters. Volgograd, St. Petersburg are cities that have approximately the same number of monuments to the leaders of the revolution.

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Transport network of Volgograd

It is noteworthy that in Volgograd there is a specialtype of transport, not found in every city in Russia, namely - an underground tram! Volgograd, St. Petersburg are cities that are close to each other in importance to the "transport issue". Brezhnev era, strict regulation of domestic production found that if Volgograd is not a city with a population of more than one million, the subway is not a primary necessity. However, city administrators found this conclusion of the Soviet authorities not entirely correct in relation to the city, which really needed to increase the transport network. Several tram stations were dug underground (shallow laying) at the expense of the city budget. Tram of high-speed (at that time) type drove both above the ground and under it.

The Northern Capital of Russia

St. Petersburg is the most western city withmillion population. Petersburg is located on hundreds of differently-sized islands, separated from each other by rivers and canals. Often, this city is called the Northern Venice, because about ten percent of the city's territory is covered with water. Volgograd, St. Petersburg - cities with very different climatic conditions. For St. Petersburg is characterized by frequent changes in weather conditions, strong winds, frequent rains. In St. Petersburg several times there were serious natural anomalies. Apart from several serious floods, throughout its history Petersburg experienced Northern Lights: the first time in 1730 and several years ago. But nevertheless, the city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every day.

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The city's attractions

Petersburg is the theater capital of Russia, neitherone of the tourists can not miss the opportunity to visit the Mariinsky, the Alexandrian theaters - the most beautiful, in terms of architecture, cultural buildings of the city. The Palace Square is the main square of the city, on the territory of which the building of the State Hermitage, the General Staff is located. In the center of the square is a huge monument - the Alexander Column - the spiritual symbol of the city. Stunning beauty temples and museum complexes, suspended services several centuries ago, amaze with their architectural grandeur of tourists from all over the world. Every guest of the Northern Capital is obliged to visit St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood, the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. However, perhaps the most picturesque spectacle of St. Petersburg is the drawbridge, starting its operation in late spring and ending in early autumn.

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Journey from Volgograd to St. Petersburg

Worthy of attention of any travelerVolgograd, St. Petersburg. The distance between the cities is approximately 1,700 kilometers. You can make this trip in several ways. Traveling by train, you can get to Volgograd in one day, starting from St. Petersburg's Moscow railway station. Pass the route Volgograd - St. Petersburg by car can be approximately one day (without traffic jams). You can use such routes as M-10 and E-119. Flight is not more than two hours. Many travelers will be happy to learn that they will not have to knock down their biological rhythms of sleep and wakefulness during the flight Volgograd - St. Petersburg. The difference in time between cities is not a second, so that everyone will just have to get used to the situation in the new city.