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The Far East of Russia. Sights of the Far East

What is considered the Far East and what countries does it include? What are the main attractions of the Russian Far East? Read about this below.

Far East

The term "Far East" covers all regionseastern part of the Eurasian continent. In geopolitics, definition is included in the concept of "Asia-Pacific region". There are 20 countries and territories of the Far East: Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, East Timor, part of Russia, etc. Australia and New Zealand, which are to the east, have never entered into this concept.

In Russia, the Far East occupies 36% of the totalterritory, while in the region live only 4.5% of the country's population. Geographically, this includes river basins that flow into the Pacific Ocean and Sakhalin, Wrangel Island, Kuril Islands, Commander Islands, Shantar Islands. Often the Trans-Baikal region is also referred to the Far East of Russia.

In this region of Russia there is the lowestpopulation growth. Over the past 20 years, the number of residents has decreased by 22%. This trend will leave Chukotka and Magadan without the population in 60 years.

The northern part of the region is located behind the polarall around the year, snow lies. In the north, the ball is ruled by the tundra, and in the southern part - by the taiga, interspersed with subtropical vegetation. It is not uncommon for the Far East cataclysms, for example, earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers.

sights of the far east

Sights of the Far East, photo

To reach such a remote region is notis too easy and often tedious (a train ride can take about a week). But still the game is worth the candle. Severe weather conditions, not calculated for excessive lovers of comfort, will be paid off by amazing landscapes and a warm reception of the local population.

The main attractions of the Far East -these are natural objects. Lena Pillars and the national park of Yakutia, Avachinsky bays and the tops of hills resting on the sky. Sakhalin will conquer lakes, amazing mountain ranges and islands. Kamchatka will open its cold glacial sides, fast rivers and bubbling geysers and waterfalls.

Natural sights of the Far Eastcapture from the first seconds. There are numerous reserves and national parks, black volcanic beaches, lakes and rivers. You can also see the fir grove, the Valley of Death and the Arch Steller.

the main sights of the far east


Yakutia is one of the richest in the interestingnatural objects. In addition, there are places with a bright historical past. On the banks of the river Deering-Yuryakh about two million years ago there were settlements, which, perhaps, are the most ancient in Eurasia.

Speaking about the sights of the FarEast, you can not forget about the unique natural formations of the Lena and Sina pillars. At 80 km along the rivers Sinyaya and Lena stretched forty-meter steep rocks. Many of the rocks store samples of ancient rock paintings.

Mount Kisilyakh, sacred to the Yakuts, is open to thevisits since 2002 only. It is an elevation of up to 1 km, where there are huge stone blocks resembling human figures. Idols reach almost 30 meters in height.

The Valley of Death is a unique place.In the local dead forest, not a single living creature lives except insects. The Ust-Vilui National Park and the Olemkinsky Reserve are amazing with natural beauties. The memorial museum with the name "Political exile" is interesting in Yakutia, where samples of wooden buildings of the 17th century are collected.

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A distant and contrasting region, incorporating all the colors and sights of the Far East. There are many glaciers and more than 100 volcanoes, of which 29 are active.

Avacha Bay is called the Kamchatka Gate.Its length reaches 24 km, and the depth is 26 meters. After Port Jackson in Australia, it is the largest in the world. On the coast of the bay there are the cities of Vilyuchinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. While traveling by boat on Avacha Bay you can see the rock "Three Brothers", visit the bird market. Those who are particularly lucky will be able to see and passing by the killer whales.

On the peninsula of Kamchatka there is the Valleygeysers, which is on the list of Seven Wonders of Russia. The valley is located on the territory of the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve. The cluster of geysers in this region is the largest in Eurasia.

Often tourist hunters come to Kamchatka,To hunt on brown bears, polar wolves, lynxes and moose. Fishermen come in search of salmon. Fans of outdoor activities are hurrying to Kamchatka for skiing and snowboarding, and in May for diving.

natural sights of the far east

Parks and reserves

Reserves, natural and national parks -the most amazing sights of the Far East. On their territories are the most impressive and untouched natural beauty. The Kamchatka Volcanoes Nature Park combines Klyuchevsky, South Kamchatka, Bystrinsky Parks and Nalychevo Park.

The park area is about 2.5 million hectares.Throughout the terrain there are extinct and active volcanoes, which allows researchers to observe the process of formation of mountains. This is a unique place where the landscape changes daily, and thermal springs burst from the ground.

In the biosphere nature park"Commander" includes about 15 islands. The main feature of the park is the animal world. Here many animals live rare or endangered animals, which are listed in the Red Book.

sights of the far east of Russia


The Far East includes the eastern partRussia, and also the countries of the Asian-Pacific region. The sights of the Far East include historical monuments, such as sites of ancient people, and natural areas and unique sites.