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State of Minnesota (USA): interesting facts

Minnesota is located in the Midwest of the USA. By population (over 5 million people), it ranks 21st among all the states of the country. It is famous for the amazing nature of beautiful lakes.


State nicknames

This part of America is called the "North Star State".

The very word Minnesota comes from a dialectIndian tribes Sioux and translated as "Cloud Water", where the word water is the root of the "mini". Along with this, there are dozens of names of rivers, waterfalls and cities with this prefix on the territory of the district. This is not surprising, because in general on an area of ​​225,181 km², 8.4% of the surface is water. That's why Minnesota has a second name, which sounds like "The State of Ten Thousand Lakes".

This phrase can be seen on almost everyminnesota license plate. Although in fact, on the territory of the state about twelve thousand lakes (their real number to count no one undertakes). The largest of these is the Upper, which is part of the Great Lakes system. More than six thousand rivers and streams originate on its land. One of the largest rivers in the world, the Mississippi, begins its turn.

One of the most amusing nicknames is "gopher staff". At one time, this striped rodent caused devastating losses to the fields and was a real calamity for farmers.

Also, Minnesota has such names as "bread and butter staff", "sandwich district" and "folk granary". This is due to the high development of agriculture.

Interesting laws

The whole world is surprised at the materials about strange lawsUSA. This state was not an exception. So, for example, in the world network there is a myth about the rule, according to which it is not allowed to cross the border with a duck on the head. But in reality such a topic is absent in the legislation. Also, you can not sleep naked, and all the baths should stand on their legs. Still on the main street of Minneapolis, authorities are forbidden to ride a red car. If the last rule is true, then nobody still observes this rule.

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On the Internet you can often find information aboutthat you can not ride a motorcycle without a shirt. In fact, the correct translation says that you need to wear protective clothing, such as a shirt with long sleeves.

But most of these items were legalized inThe relationship with certain circumstances or events that Minnesota experienced. Cities of the state (Cottididge Grove, for example) have their own rules. They decided that the lawns near houses that have a doubled number can be watered only on even days. Such a point was adopted to save water consumption. But the idea did not justify itself, because the authors did not consider the option that on the day after the owners of lawns will flood their yards overtime. Therefore I had to look for another way of saving.

Another violation is teasing gophers. There are a lot of them on this land, but, despite their sweet and affectionate appearance, irritated animals can be very dangerous.

Characteristics of the land

Each region is governed by its center.Two significant cities have Minnesota. The capital of the state is the city of Saint Paul. It is adjoined by Minneapolis. This city is the first in the state in terms of size and population. St. Paul and Minneapolis share the river. They are popularly called twin cities.

Minnesota City
Minnesota several times in history changed itsborders. It first happened in 1849, when it separated from neighboring Iowa. Later, part of it was allocated to the North and South Dakota. Founded by Minnesota on May 11, 1858. It was the 32nd state that entered the Union.

A significant part of the inhabitants are Germans. They are about 40% on the territory of the state. 15% are Norwegians. In third place by nationality - the Irish. Their ratio is about 10%.

On the religious composition, approximately equal parts are made up of Protestants, Catholics and Evangelicals.

Weather in Minnesota

Minnesota has a moderately continentalclimate. This is due to cold winters and wet summers. The temperature ranges from +40 to -40 degrees Celsius. On the edge of the state is the "national refrigerator". This is the city whose name is Internacional Falls. It is considered the coldest place in the United States. The record low temperature, which was recorded there, is minus 49 degrees.

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There is a staff on the so-called Alley of tornadoes.On its expanses in the summer months, there are strong tornadoes (more than twenty per year). Perhaps, it is with this that the law on the binding of a bath on legs is connected. After all, it is best to hide in rooms without windows, therefore, in the toilet, and cover with a heavy object, that is, a bathroom that can be removed.

The native land of the white eagle

The state is the largest mine of iron ore in the country.Nevertheless, the economy there stands on industry, woodworking enterprises and tourism. The most environmentally friendly part of the state is Minnesota. The US maximally contributes to the development of reserves, parks and conservation of wildlife in this area. In 1971, an area of ​​88,000 km² was designated as the Voyegers National Park. Since the 1980s, the population of the bald eagle was restored on its territory, which until then was considered on the verge of extinction. It is this bird depicted on the coat of arms of America.

The pearl of the state is the Minnehaha waterfall. Its height is 16 meters. It is most beautiful when it completely freezes and becomes an ice wall.

Gifted staff

Many residents of the state are known beyond its borders.These are film professionals, as a director and screenwriter Mark Steven Johnson (known as the creator of the movie "Ghost Rider"), screenwriter and producer Edward Kitsis (he worked on the series "Lost") and animator Pete Docter (his work - "Monsters, Inc." and "Up").

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Minnesota gave the world many talentedof people. This is the homeland of actors such as Jessica Bil (the popularity was brought by the movie "The Illusionist", where she played Sophie), Vince Vaughn (starring in the comedy "The Druzhinniki", "Uninvited Guests" and "Trainees"), Sean William Scott the role of Steve Stifler in the series "American Pie"), Kevin Sorbo (the main character in the series "The Amazing Wanderings of Hercules").

Mass of genius writers was presented by America. The state of Minnesota is the home of Francis Scott Fitzgerald, the author of the novel "The Great Gatsby".

Another natives of Minnesota are Franklinand Forrest Marcy. Father and son created a chocolate empire. Their products are known all over the world. These are candies M & M's, bars Bounty, Mars, Twix, Milky Way, Snickers, etc. They are also the authors of pet food for Pedigri and Whiskas pets.