/ / Interesting facts about the rose, after which you will love this flower

Interesting facts about the rose, after which you will love this flower

Rose has always been considered a symbol of love and passion.If you recall the fairy tales, it was this beautiful flower that gave the prince an insulted fairy, before turning him into a monstrous monster. And in the story of Oscar Wilde, the Nightingale gave his life to the white Rose, so that his blood painted her red, and the young man could give it to his lover. Interesting facts about the rose, the values ​​of shades and numbers in the material of the article.

Interesting facts about the rose

The winner of sales and the national symbol

You can tell interesting facts about a rose indefinitely. This flower is for good at any time of the year and will be appropriate for any holiday. The most interesting facts about the flower:

  • Rose is a symbol of the following countries: England, the United States, Iran.
  • On the day of lovers, more than 3 millionroses all over the world. If you think that gold and platinum are the most valuable, you are mistaken. These metals easily bypassed the queen of flowers. Rose oil is valued several times more expensive.
  • In Russia, roses were grown in the 16th century, and the status of the royal flower was appropriated to her under Catherine the Great.

Interesting facts about roses

Influence of the flower on the body

Interesting facts about rose and human health:

  1. It is believed that the rose enhances the creative inspiration, mood and gives positive emotions.
  2. A person breathing regularly incense from roses becomes more calm and balanced.
  3. Rosehip, which is commonly called a "wild rose," is rich in vitamin C and exceeds even lemon.
  4. Several varieties of roses are used to make jam.

What other interesting facts about roses exist?Shakespeare was a dedicated fan of this flower and mentioned it very often in the pages of his works. In honor of him was named one of the varieties, which highlights an unusual middle.

The three roses of yellow are separation

So read the lines of the famous song.It's just a myth. Here are some interesting facts about the rose, proving that in yellow colors there is absolutely nothing terrible. In England, in honor of the engagement, the man gives his chosen one two yellow roses. Today, old interpretations about separation, windy and jealousy have sunk into oblivion, and in the language of flowers yellow - the wish for happiness and good luck. Some shades of the flower and their meanings:

  1. White roses - symbolize tenderness, fragility purity, innocence.
  2. Red or scarlet roses are a sign of passionate love and respect. A symbol of beauty to whom they are intended.
  3. Roses of pastel tones are given as a sign that it is very pleasant to communicate with a girl or a woman.
  4. Orange roses - the recognition of the chosen one is that he wants to continue the relationship.
  5. Black roses symbolize grief and sorrow.

Interesting facts about the flower, rose

Flower and numbers

Before you give a bouquet, you need to determine the number of colors:

  1. 1 rose is a universal option. Suitable for the first date, and without any reason.
  2. 2 roses - a sign of an imminent wedding, an engagement.
  3. 3 roses - "I love you."
  4. 5 roses - "I wish you happiness."
  5. 10 roses - "I admire you, my love."
  6. 11 - a symbol of endless love of spouses.
  7. 29 roses - "I will love you forever."

Helpful information

Interesting facts about the rose, which will help in choosing the shades for a celebration or a date:

  • For a meeting from the hospital it is customary to give bouquets only from buds.
  • The headmistress is not supposed to give scarlet roses, better - pastel shades.
  • For a very young girl, you can choose a soft pink rose as a symbol of youth. A bouquet of such flowers is used for quite young brides.
  • On the anniversary of my mother, it is not worth giving burgundy, scarlet roses, they can be perceived as a symbol of old age and wilting. Suitable are peach, pink and white shades, they symbolize youth.
  • Black roses for a date are only given at the request of the girl herself.

The best

Listing interesting facts about the rose, you can not ignore the most-most:

  1. The most "adult" rose is in Germany, it is about 1000 years old and it has already grown to the roof of one of the cathedrals.
  2. The size of the smallest flower of type C is less than that of rice.
  3. The most unusual roses were bred in the Land of the Rising Sun. In the daytime, the bright red color of their petals becomes white.

Rosa is the most popular guest at the celebrations and in bridal bouquets of brides.