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Unusual wedding bouquets: ideas, description and recommendations

The most important thing in the wedding ceremony is the flowera bouquet of the bride. Now you can meet all kinds of songs. If previously only flowers were used to create an unusual wedding bouquet, today couples display originality and creativity, adding soft toys, fluorescent sticks and artificial plants. Let's find out how to create with your own hands a fantastic decor that not only beautifies the bride, but also emphasizes the style of celebration.

unusual wedding bouquets

Weeping willow

This is an unusual wedding bouquet for the bride,which is made in the form of a cascade. It looks like a composition of flowers and grasses, stretching for 50-70 centimeters. Cascade bouquet is a very extravagant solution, because it is an exquisite and original decor.

unusual wedding bouquets for the bride

How to make?The basis is taken by flowers, combining with each other in size and color scheme. To recreate a receding cascade, like a waterfall, plants are added, whose branches and stems can reach 1 meter. The ideal solution will be to introduce into the bouquet lush peonies or orchids, lilies and wild roses. In order for the cascade to withstand all the triumph, a flexible wire is attached to it, on which smaller flowers and herbs are fixed.

From the depths of the sea

How to make the most unusual wedding bouquet,which would cause admiration and surprise to the guests? Replace the habitual plants in the composition with real seashells. This composition is called glamelia and is ideal for sophisticated, romantic and thoughtful girls.

the most unusual wedding bouquets

Create such an unusual wedding bouquet with your ownhands are not so difficult. All you need is a lot of seashells (you can use a decor made of polymer clay or polystyrene), flexible wire and glue gun. Before you start, you need to think over a sketch of the future bouquet, so that the whole composition is neat. Cut a wire of 15 centimeters each, and then glue on the tips of one shell. Prepare 20-30 twigs to start arranging the bouquet. Gradually add a new wire with seashells, gradually moving from the middle to the edges. Add a few colorful ribbons to the bouquet, decorate with starfish and add pearl-colored pearls. To hide the presence of wire, you can wrap the handle of a beautiful matte tape or string for decor.

unusual wedding bouquet of roses

Jewelry work

Perhaps, this is the most unusual wedding bouquet,because it is made entirely of jewelry. This is an elegant decor, but it suits, alas, not all. Such a bouquet is chosen by women who are knocked over 40, where the wedding experience with tender violets and lilies is long past.

wedding bouquets of unusual flowers

The principle of making an unusual wedding bouquetthe same as in the previous version. Use decorative wire, a powerful glue and many ornaments. It is not necessary to use real diamonds or pearls, no one will guess if your bouquet contains brooches made of gilded metal. One minus: throwing such wedding decor is not recommended, otherwise there is a risk of injuring several guests.

Reunion with nature

The simpler the composition, the more unusual the bridal bouquet. We offer your attention to the optimal and at the same time original solution - the decor of pine cones.

unusual wedding bouquet of roses

You will only spend 30 minutes to createcreative bouquet. To do this, you need to use 15-20 large cones that have already opened, but not dried. After all, what kind of bride wants her bouquet to crumble in a few hours? Flexible wire will come to the rescue, from which a strong tourniquet folds. To do this, use 2-3 pieces of the same length and twist them together, using pliers. It is necessary that the bouquet is durable. With the help of glue it is necessary to fix the pine cone to the bundle of wire and to arrange the bouquet. The basis is important to wrap the ribbon in the color of the dress and decoration of the hall. For beauty, you can add artificial berries of mountain ash, sprinkled with imitated snow (white glitter).

Paper flowers

What can be more original than an unusual wedding bouquet of roses cut from paper? And if you add to this composition other artificial flowers made from book pages?

unusual wedding bouquet by your own hands

To make a rose, you need to mastertechnique of twisting. To do this, you need color paper, sharp scissors and glue. Cut out a smooth circle from the sheet, draw a 1-1.5 centimeter spiral in it, and then cut along the contour without damaging the integrity of the cycle. Using the outer circle of the spiral, begin to twist the flower, adding a bit of glue for bonding. The ready bud should be planted on a flexible wire, and the cores be decorated with beads.

Autumn harvest

Surprise the guests with a bright bridal bouquet, which is full of colorful colors. For this, you do not need to use flowers, but rather replace them with autumn fruits and berries.

unusual wedding bouquets

The optimal solution is to usean artificial decor that does not differ from real fruits. First, because plastic jewelry is much easier than real fruits. Secondly, you can not be afraid that your bouquet will attract the attention of unpleasant insects (fruit flies). It is best to use red apples, fruits of mountain ash and pomegranate. The flexible wire, strong adhesive, bright ribbons and artificial (real) twigs and leaves will come to the rescue again.

Candy, Candy

Such a bouquet will definitely like sweet tooth.In America, wedding agencies have introduced an interesting tradition: now instead of throwing a bouquet, the bride simply takes out one candy and gives them to each girlfriend.

unusual wedding bouquets for the bride

This is the simplest decor, what you canthink of. Take the caramels, compose them into one bouquet and tie them with a ribbon in the tone of the candy. If you are afraid that insects and dust will fly for sweetness, then it is recommended to cover each caramel with a colorless varnish.

Exotic World

To create a wedding bouquet of unusualflowers, do not need to go to Thailand or another exotic country. In any large flower shop you can find a beautiful succulent plant called echeveria (echeveria). The photo below shows that even the most simple roses against the backdrop of the distant ancestor of the cactus look fantastic!

the most unusual wedding bouquets

How to make?First, you need to find a suitable plant. Echeveria is best suited for elegance, agave, Lau, Darenberg, Peacock and linguiform. Secondly, this plant is perfectly combined with delicate flowers. To them it is possible to carry and pastel tone of a rose, peonies, asters, carnations. Choose small lush buds that are ideal for your composition. For registration it is recommended to use green plants, and the handle can be wrapped with jute.

Suitable plants and flowers

Astrantia looks like a scattering of lights duringfireworks. Used as dried flowers for bouquets. It can add asparagus - a plant that resembles a spruce twig with small nuts. Tenderness and romance give the branches of hydrangea purple or pink, but you can use and Evpatorium - a flower, characterized by a long stem. The lush buds include mimosa and mattiola. They will add an incredible scent to the overall beauty. Collect from wildflowers such as camilla (simple chamomile), lavender, limonium, and then add such unusual green leaves resembling nephrolepis or ambrella.

wedding bouquets of unusual flowers

An unusual bouquet will make the celebration memorable.The main feature of the creative decor is that it can be made by own hands, fully observing the theme of the holiday. Guests will definitely be delighted with the original bouquet!