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The best models of women's pants: photo

Previously, such an element of clothing, like trousers, was part of the men's wardrobe. Now there are all kinds of models of women's pants, which emphasize the beauty and elegance of their masters.

Creative girls always want to stand out fromcrowd and carry only those things that exist in a single copy. Therefore, they often have a question: "Where can I find interesting and unique models of women's pants?". With the patterns can understand not every girl, so it's best not to risk, and entrust this matter to real professionals. Now there are many ateliers where things can be sewn to order. There, every lady can translate all her desires into life and surprise others with her originality ..

models of modern women's pants

If there are interesting unique variantsnot invented, then we should consider the existing models of modern women's pants. So you can better understand which one most suits the shape and appearance. All information about trousers, as well as the rules of their combination with other clothes are provided in the article.

Women's pants

In the wardrobe of every man, undoubtedly, trouserslook natural, because they are its traditional part. People call their migration to the shelves of women's wardrobes a confirmation of multifunctionality, as well as a peculiar way of self-expression. For so much time, no one has been able to determine the reason why the models of women's pants appeared. Most often in the stories about these elements of clothing mention the names of such great people as Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, as well as Marlene Dietrich, but before them women sometimes changed into men's clothes. Just about this few people know.

new model of women's pants

How to create combinations?

Before you view the photos of models of women's pants,you need to know how to properly combine them with other elements of clothing and create beautiful images. Basic rules for creating combinations:

  1. When choosing trousers, it is preferable to use a top as a top in combination with a jacket.
  2. Universal models of women's pants in 2017 - narrow versions that serve as an excellent basis not only for the boyish style, as it seems at first glance, but also for the business image.
  3. Short pants will visually reduce growth, so they are recommended to choose shoes with high heels or wedges.


Girls who choose female models of classicalTrousers, navrenyaka very elegant and have a great taste. It should be remembered that fashion trends are developing quite quickly. Everyone known Coco Chanel has introduced this clothes into fashion and since that time couturier continue to build models of classic women's trousers (photo is below) on the pedestal of popularity in the wardrobe of girls. The basic element here is the man's cut. Many people argue that no new model of women's pants can not replace the classics, because it is immortal.

models of women's pants 2017

These pants are absolutely straight or slightlyflared appearance, thanks to which look great on any type of figure. Classic models of women's trousers are strictly seated on the line of the hips and waist, which makes it possible to emphasize the geometricity of chic women's shapes. But despite this, it should always be remembered that they are forbidden to overload with additional details. The only decoration, which in most cases will not be superfluous, are the side pockets without any decorative finishing.

Classical can be not only direct, but alsonarrowed models, literally returning beautiful ladies in the 40s. In addition, in recent years, increasing popularity is gaining models with an inflated waistline.

Forms, textures, and colors should be selected based on the type of figure. The length can be chosen any, since it is almost impossible to make mistakes with it.

Narrow models

Always fashion models of women's pants were highly appreciatedin different countries. Initially, only female summer trousers, that is, leggings, were popular, but soon the designers appreciated the dignity of tight pants.

models of women's trousers with patterns

To date, the so-called "pipes"are presented in many designer collections. Their main task is tight fitting of the body, as well as underlining the hips and legs. Often, experts add to them overhead pockets that favorably stand out the buttocks, and thin straps that serve as excellent accessories.

Fashion designers strongly recommend wearing suchtrousers possessing a slim figure and long legs, because otherwise they will only emphasize the shortcomings of the silhouette. If these parameters can not boast, then do not get upset. For insufficiently high growth, you should choose shoes on a platform or heel, and holders of wide hips should look at long-sleeved jackets or sweatshirts.

It is very important to choose the correct length.Most models are fixed at an ankle level, but short pants - somewhere in the middle of the roe. Make an image more interesting will help the usual "accordion", for this you need to pick up the bottom of the trousers and fix it.


This model has excellent silhouettesand a special cut. A fairly free style has long ago lost its relevance, giving primacy to narrower, sophisticated and fitted models. Although, despite this, the fashion designers could not definitively abandon the classic trousers-riding breeches.

fashion models of women's pants

The model can always be easily distinguished, because itsignificantly widens on the hips, clings to the knees, and then again expands to the shins. Owners of slender and slender legs can safely consider this style the most win-win option for themselves. But low girls should be careful of trousers-riding breeches, since the effect can be far from positive.

For quite some time on the catwalks you canto observe military models. Good looking models of free cut, which fill in boots, hiding the length of the pants. Most resemble the shape of a military linen trousers, which differ in the diet of less massiveness and lack of inserts made of genuine leather.

Flared Trousers

All known flared trousers are borrowed from the militaryform. Initially, they were considered a classic model, which expanded from the hip line. Side on these pants were always located fasteners, which helped significantly speed up the process of undressing in emergencies.

When there was such a youth movement as"hippies", this model of pants actively began to gain popularity among people who had ideals of freedom, as well as world peace. Then these pants were worn by both boys and girls. But everyone tried to maximally modify their pants, using for this purpose all sorts of jewelry, new items.

Today, flared trousers can often be found in the women's wardrobe, rather than in the men's wardrobe. In them there is beauty, elegance, and also smoothness of feminine lines.

models of women's pants

Short cuts

Women's pants are so diverse thatfashion designers came from the standard to its shorter versions. They are classic classic pants, but they only have 7/8 of the standard length. These models are slightly hips and in most cases do not have pockets and other details.

An ideal example are white straight linesThe entire length of the trousers narrowed closer to the very bottom and the often fitting roe. The second classic example is shortened trousers with perfectly ironed arrows.

models of women's pants pics

Low pants can easily be decorated with contrasting or geometric cuffs, which will immediately become the main highlight of the image. In the role of a cuff, rhinestones, beads or stones can appear.

Make the legs more elegant, the figure is slimmer, and the growth is moreabove will help perfectly steamed arrows. Owners of more magnificent forms are advised to avoid this style, because it will add to the image of an extra squat and "heaviness".

Options for fat women

Despite the fact that many of the abovemodels are not recommended to wear to full ladies, despair is not necessary. There are a number of rules that will help you choose the most suitable trousers for magnificent shapes. Among them:

  • you need to give up transparent or translucent fabrics;
  • the ideal choice will be black, as it is known to be a guarantee of visual harmony;
  • cut it is necessary to choose only straight, fabric - dense, and waist - understated;
  • all kinds of patches, pockets and other small things hide the shortcomings of the female figure, and, therefore, are irreplaceable details in the wardrobe;
  • short trousers should be avoided, as they shorten and weight the figure.

Other popular models of women's pants

In addition to all the above-mentioned models, there are other options that look rather interesting, but not everyone likes it:

  1. Afghani. Beautiful trousers with a low armhole in appearance resemble national Indian or Afghan clothing elements.
  2. Bananas. Free trousers are very similar to a banana, for which they received such a name.
  3. Cargo. Pretty practical pants, characterized by very noticeable sutures and large pockets.
  4. Corderoyz. Pants got this name because of the main material of manufacture - velveteen, which in the English version sounds like cord.
  5. Sail. Delicate and elegant trousers, made exclusively of air and flowing material, at first glance resemble a skirt in the floor.

How to wear pants in a warm time?

When already selected styles and models, you needdecide on what to wear pants. The top choice is easiest, because there are many options. A classic combination for office style is a shirt that looks a little from under the jumper, as well as an ornament in the form of a brooch that will add refinement and spectacularity.

Do not ignore the jacket, because hethere are different types, which means it will not be too difficult to pick up on his trousers. The ideal option is to create a classic deuce, where the same tone is selected, or the contrast color, which should be used as an accent.

With what to combine trousers in the autumn-winter period?

Any fall fashionable color issoft creamy. It calms and leaves behind all the bright summer tones. Trousers in such colors perfectly match with vests, as well as jumper of burgundy shades, which are recommended to be worn over an ordinary white shirt.

A stylish winter image can affordabsolutely every lady: tight trousers, high boots and voluminous coat in bright colors. You can supplement it with all sorts of warm accessories in the form of gloves, hats, scarf.