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What to present to the girl on March 8: ideas

What to give a girl on March 8?The first month of spring is just around the corner, so it's time to reflect on this issue. It's great if the donor knows what the person who wants presents dreams about. In this case it is enough just to fulfill the desire of the girl. Original ideas can be gleaned from this article.

What to give a girl on March 8? Bouquet!

There is hardly a representative of the beautifulsex that does not like flowers. What to give a girl on March 8? A universal variant is a flower composition, in the preparation of which it is necessary to be guided by the tastes of the addressee. Exotic orchids, romantic roses, tender daisies, a rare plant in a pot - the assortment is quite wide.

a bunch of soft toys as a gift to a girl on March 8

What to present to the girl on March 8 to be nicesurprise her? A traditional flower arrangement is a present that can hardly be called original. Therefore, you can choose from the options listed below:

  • Bouquet in a vacuum. The life span of such flowers is several years, and throughout this time the girl will be able to admire them.
  • Sweet bouquet. Such a product is completely made from goodies, corrugated paper is not used. The basis can be taken marzipan, chocolate, marmalade and so on.
  • Bouquet from balls. Multicolored balls in themselves can create a festive atmosphere. If you compose a colorful composition from them, it will be a wonderful gift.
  • Stuffed toys bouquet. If a girl is delighted with teddy bears and bunnies, you can stop on this option.

For beauty

What to give a girl on March 8? About your appearance, any representative of the fair sex cares.

casket for jewelry as a gift to a girl
  • Multifunctional mirror.This item ensures that the recipient of the gift will remember every day who she gave it to him. The product will not only give its owner an answer to the question of who is the nicest in the world. You can also write on it, attach decorative magnets to it. Such a mirror will not break, even if it falls from a great height.
  • Casket for decorations.There is hardly a girl who is indifferent to jewelry. Consequently, all the fair sex people need and in a place where they can be stored. A compact and roomy casket in vintage or modern style is exactly useful in the household.
  • Lamp for manicure. Hardly a girl will be pleased with an ordinary set for nail care. But ultraviolet lamp for manicure will surely enthrall any of the fair sex.

For good health

What can you give a girl on March 8, if she leads a healthy lifestyle?

a hot-water bottle as a gift for March 8
  • Juicer.This device will allow its owner every morning to enjoy fresh orange juice, which will positively affect its immunity. It's great if the device will have an original design.
  • A hot-water bottle is a toy.In the beginning of spring it is still quite cold, so the present, which helps warm up, will come in handy. A hot-water bottle in the form of a charming plush toy will regularly raise its owner's spirits.
  • Hydromassage foot bath. Such a gift is exactly useful for a girl who leads an active lifestyle. By the end of the day the legs are "stoned" and swell, and the best relaxation for them will be massage.
  • Sleep mask.What is inexpensive to give a girl on March 8? A perfect choice will be a mask for sleep. Human health directly depends on whether he sleeps. A special mask will help its owner quickly fall asleep and see exceptionally pleasant dreams.

For Success

What can you give a girl on March 8, if she is passionate about her career, strives to succeed in life?

desktop bio fireplace in the gift girl
  • Hammock for feet.This compact product is attached to the table surface. The thing is made of strong materials, which allows it to easily carry daily loads. Hammock will help relieve tension, without being distracted from working at the computer.
  • Desktop bio fireplace.Fire symbolizes strength, energy and power. The young lady, aimed at a successful career, will be able to decorate their office with them. The bio-fireplace can have a futuristic or classic design. It not only transforms the interior, but also emits heat.
  • Vacuum cleaner for keyboard. This practical thing will help you easily cope with pollution and dust. Cleaning the keyboard takes a minimum of time.
  • Bamboo table for laptop.This thing is exactly useful for a girl who often works at home. The product is equipped with tilt level controls, which makes it easy to change the viewing angle of the monitor. The additional advantage is the availability of cooling fans.

For kitchen

What gift to present to the girl on March 8, if she likes to cook, spends a lot of time in the kitchen?

serving set as a gift for March 8
  • Multivark. This device is traditionally accompanied with a book with recipes, which the recipient of the gift will certainly want to experience.
  • A frying pan in the form of a heart.Of course, if you present the girl with a gift of an ordinary frying pan, she will hardly like it. While the product, which has an unusual shape and design, will take a worthy place in her kitchen.
  • Sandwich maker. Such a gift is useful to a young lady who is still studying. His owner will never remain hungry, as she will have the opportunity to take with her to the tasty homemade sandwiches.
  • Serving set. Such a thing is suitable as a gift to a girl who likes to receive guests in her house. The set can include elegant rosettes, saucepans, kremanki and so on.
  • Family cookbook.Such a present will impress an economic girl. Thanks to the book, she will be able to keep her trademark recipes for the heirs. A family culinary chronicle can be created not only through records, but also the addition of photographs.

For inspiration

What is better to give a girl on March 8, if it comes to the creative personality?

a lamp for a girl
  • Diary "History of Life".Each representative of the fair sex is worthy of being written about a book or made a movie. Unfortunately, there are not enough writers and directors at all. Why should a girl not create her own life story on her own and not leave her as a legacy to her descendants. A comfortable leather-bound diary will be an excellent container for her secrets.
  • Magnetic board.This inexpensive and original item can be presented to a young lady who is hovering in the clouds. On the blackboard the girl will be able to fix her dreams, which will certainly contribute to their implementation. Practical people will like using this product to plan their own affairs.
  • Kashpo for strawberries.This gift can be freely given to a creative nature, a loving nature. In the girl's house there will be something that will remind her of the coming summer. In addition, to monitor the growth of berries is very interesting.
  • Floor lamp with photos. This product will assume a decorative role and will contribute to the reign of the atmosphere of comfort in the house. For him there will certainly be a place in the bedroom.
  • 3D light.The device, which is famous for its ability to create a cozy atmosphere. The shape and design of the lamp can be any. For example, a creative girl will certainly like a product in the form of a globe, a bear, a heart.


What to present to your girlfriend on March 8? Yes, many things:

  • Live butterflies.This trend remains relevant for several years now. The donor can arrange a salute from many butterflies or order one copy in an envelope. It is important only to correctly predict the reaction of the addressee. An impressionable person can be upset because she will feel sorry for the unfortunate creatures.
  • A table for a bath.What can be more romantic than real care? If a girl works a lot, in the evenings she falls off her feet from fatigue and needs a full rest. There is hardly a better way to relieve the accumulated stress than to immerse yourself in a bath of foam. With a girl will necessarily want to take a variety of scrubs and masks, an exciting book or a glass of good wine.
  • Blanket with sleeves.Wrapped in such a thing, it is convenient to drink tea, switch channels on the remote control or read a book. The product does not just warm, which is actual in the beginning of spring, but also will give a feeling of comfort. Of course, the plaid should be bright and stylish, to lift the mood of the owner of one of its kind.
  • Scratch-card for travel planning. With the help of this gift you can tell your beloved about the journey, in which the donor plans to go along with her in the near future.


А еще что подарить девушке на 8 Марта?The list of options can contain not only material presents. Recently it has become fashionable to give impressions. Things can deteriorate, get lost and bored, while pleasant memories will last a lifetime.

impressions as a gift to a girl on March 8
  • A date on the roof.Such a romantic evening will be an unforgettable surprise for the girl. Of course, it is necessary to dress warmly, take candles and champagne with you. It is also important to make sure that the weather does not spoil the date.
  • Dinner at the restaurant. It is best to give preference to an institution with exotic cuisine.
  • Flight in a hot air balloon. The emotions that will give this adventure will never be forgotten.
  • Paired jump with a parachute. This extreme entertainment will help the lovers to get even closer.
  • A date with live music. It's great if you can arrange a romantic evening in the open air.
  • Horse riding. If a girl loves horses or has long dreamed of starting to take riding lessons, such an adventure will definitely have to her liking.

With your own hands

And from the unusual things that you give a girl on March 8? The original decision is to make a present yourself.

  • Candlestick made of orange peel.This thing will create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the house. To make it, you need to cut off the top of the orange, extract all the pulp. On the sides, you can cut out squares, rhombs, asterisks. Inside is a round little candle.
  • Picture frame. To decorate such a product, you can use beads, sequins, shells and other materials that will be at hand. Such a thing can become a highlight of the interior.
  • A jar with compliments.First you need to beautifully decorate any glass jar. Then you need to put inside 100 notes for the girl. Let each of them present a feature that the giver admires. All the notes at once should not be read, it is better to do it gradually.
  • Video greeting. You can create it yourself or seek professional help.
  • Romantic dinner.Cooked meals, light wine, elegant candles and nice music - which can be better. To create a romantic mood will help and a bath filled with rose petals.


How to be the one who can not decide which giftto give the girl on March 8? In this case, you can present her with a certificate. Jewelry salon, shops of cosmetics, clothes, home appliances - options, fortunately, there is a mass. This is the best choice for those who do not understand the taste of the addressee, is afraid of making a mistake.


Is it worth it to give money?Such a present is often perceived as a "excuse", so it is better to turn them into a certificate. You can also make an elegant bouquet from banknotes, if you plan to give a large sum.