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What to give a girl for 16 years: interesting ideas and recommendations

What to give a girl for 16 years?Each donor sincerely strives to ensure that his gift is liked by the recipient. Of course, the present intended for the birthday girl should be creative and memorable, but not devoid of practicality. Interesting ideas for gifts can be found in this article. So, what surprise can the young lady like?

What to give a girl for 16 years: a photo session

A rare young lady at this age voluntarilywill refuse the opportunity to at least for a couple of hours to become a model. Photoshoot - a great choice for those who are looking for an answer to the question about what to give a girl for 16 years. Pictures taken by a professional, the birthday girl can boast in social networks and at school.

what to give a girl for 16 years

With the fact that participation in the photo session is positiveinfluences self-esteem, any psychologist will not argue. Especially it concerns girls who sincerely worry because of their alleged shortcomings. The result of the work of an experienced photographer will help such sufferers finally believe in their beauty. In addition, the birthday girl will be able to try on various images, make changes to her style, if he has bored her. The best pictures can be the basis for a photobook, which should be kept for family history.

Beauty lessons

What to give a girl for 16 years?Many people are convinced that the best gift at this age will be a set of cosmetics. However, when choosing it, it is easy to make a mistake, not understanding the preferences of the birthday girl. It is better to stop paying for beauty lessons, which will surely appeal to an anniversary celebrity, if she cares about her own appearance.

what to give a girl for 16 years from a guy

At such courses the girl will learn in a short timecorrectly take care of your type of skin, competently choose caring and decorative means. She will also master the basic rules of applying makeup. As a rule, at the end of the course, free evening make-up is offered to the students of the course, accompanied by a photo session conducted by a professional photographer.

Concert tickets

What to give a girl for 16 years?The task is simplified if the donor knows the name of the musical group, whose creativity is fond of the birthday girl. This gift will allow the young lady to once again see her idols, enjoy their performance. Live concerts have the ability to create an atmosphere of drive, which is memorized for a long time. Of course, it is desirable to present the hero of the celebration with several tickets so that she can invite friends.

what can you give a girl for 16 years

Of course, when choosing a gift, one should be guided by the tastes of the birthday girl. It is possible that she would prefer to visit a theater or a movie.

Romantic gifts

What to give a girl for 16 years?From the guy with whom she meets, the culprit of the celebration awaits the original present. What if financial opportunities are limited? You can give your favorite 16 colorful balloons, each of which contains a wish written on paper. In this case, the girl will enjoy every blown off ball.

what to give to your girlfriend for 16 years

A pleasant surprise for the birthday girl will becongratulations, delivered by the local radio presenter, which can be ordered in advance. You can also stop at such a romantic and inexpensive presentation as a music box, accompanied by a beautiful story. Finally, such an option as a bouquet of red roses will never lose relevance.

Beauty products

What can you give a girl for 16 years?If the donor understands the taste preferences of the culprit of the celebration, he can stop on cosmetic means. For example, a practical gift will be a series of drugs designed to take care of young skin, which includes all kinds of creams, masks, tonics. You can also opt for quality decorative cosmetics, giving preference to fashion brands or those that like birthday girls.

what to give a girl for 16 years of ideas

If a young lady enjoys spending time onexperiments with the hairdo, she will certainly appreciate such a present, as hair curlers, designed to model Hollywood ringlets. To the category of universal gifts belongs a manicure set, with the help of which the birthday girl can hone her skills in nail design, manicure.

Stylish accessories

Think what to give a girl for 16 years?Ideas associated with stylish accessories do not imply significant material costs. It's about acquiring those parts, without which the wardrobe of a rare fair sex does not. It can be belts, scarves, gloves. Of course, the products must be of high quality, otherwise the gift will disappoint, not rejoice.

what to give for 16 years guy or girl ideas

For example, a great choice will be fashionbelts with original buckles. Also you can stay on bags belonging to the latest collections of creative designers. Finally, you can present a certificate to the birthday girl in the appropriate store so that she can choose a bright and stylish thing for her wardrobe. Also, you can give the girl a certificate of a boutique selling youth clothes or shoes.


Если задумываетесь о том, что подарить девушке на 16 years, ideas can be universal. For example, a present that almost every young lady will like, is a subscription to attend a fitness center, a swimming pool, a beauty salon. It is necessary only to give preference to the variant that will be closest to the birthday girl.

Perhaps, the girl has long dreamed of changinghairstyle, try a new makeup? Therefore, you must stop your choice at the beauty salon. Young ladies who follow the figure or dream of losing weight, for sure like the subscription to the pool or fitness center.

Fashionable gadget

What to give a beloved girl for 16 years?If the financial capabilities of the guy allow, the fashionable gadget will be a wonderful gift. When choosing it is worth considering the tastes and hobbies of the culprit of the celebration. For example, young ladies who like to read, very much like a gift, like an e-book, which will allow them never to part with their favorite works.

Melomanks will love the stylish MP3 player.The main thing is that the design of the device is original, the creative color solution is also welcomed. You can also choose your headphones. Girls who are fond of photography will find a digital camera useful. Finally, if the funds permit, you can buy a birthday tablet or netbook.

Girls and boys

Obviously, birthday presents likereceive not only girls, but also young men. What to give to a guy or girl for 16 years? Ideas that will appeal to the representatives of both sexes, must necessarily be creative. For example, you can stop the selection on a device designed for organizing home discos. Or give preference to FM radio for a shower cubicle. Finally, you can impress the hero of the celebration with a flying alarm clock equipped with a propeller or charger that works thanks to a solar battery.

Holiday as a gift

What to give to a guy or girl for 16 years?A creative decision that does not require time-consuming - sponsoring a birthday outside the home. For example, the culprit of the celebration will certainly be delighted with the opportunity to invite friends to the paintball club. Such a party is definitely never erased from memory, and this applies not only to the birthday boy, but also to his guests. More budgetary option - the organization of a picnic in nature.