/ / Down jackets of which firm are the warmest: the opinion of producers and consumers

Down jackets of which firm are the warmest: the opinion of producers and consumers

Winter is a great time of the year for those who havepractical warm clothes. It is desirable that it at the same time is also light, comfortable and does not constrain movements. An ideal option for both leisure and everyday wear can be a down jacket.

How to choose down jackets?

A jacket with natural stuff will save from the mosteerie frosts. At the same time, it is very light and practical in care. A good down jacket can be washed in a conventional typewriter or given to a dry cleaner, and for the summer it is simply cleaned in a closet. However, not every jacket can be comfortable and sufficiently high-quality. Therefore, before you buy a new thing for yourself or your relatives, you need to understand certain nuances. The first thing that usually interests the consumer: down jackets of which firm are the warmest? After all, when acquiring such a thing, everyone expects that it will not be necessary to freeze, despite the menacing minuses outside the window.

down jackets of which firm are the warmest
Naturally, any manufacturer claims thatit is he who creates the warmest down jackets that only his products are of the highest quality, fashionable and comfortable. To a simple consumer, before making your choice, it is worthwhile not only to study the opinion of sellers, but also to get acquainted with customers' reviews of these products. And preferably those who have already experienced the winter in the clothes of a particular manufacturer.

Some brands

Undoubted leader in the production of sportsclothes and accessories for recreation - "Columbia". This company really produces very warm down jackets. True, their cost sometimes bites, but for a quality product that can be carried for several years, do not be sorry and overpay. Moreover, besides using high-quality materials as fillers for winter clothes, "Columbia" also widely uses new technologies to create things that preserve natural heat. Thanks to the constant improvement of production, they are surprisingly thin, comfortable and light, while they are able to warm a person even at the lowest temperatures.

very warm down jackets
Thinking about what down jackets are the mostwarm, also should pay attention to the Canadian brand things "Goos". Residents of this country know about severe winters not by hearsay. And if they feel comfortable enough in the jackets "Goos", then the inhabitants of warmer latitudes and even more will not freeze.

On hearing also legendary "Alaska", captivatedpost-Soviet youth with their products in the style of unisex. However, in those days, the domestic market was mainly decorated with cheap fakes, but they also warmed well. As for the original clothes, its owners are unanimous in their opinion on the answer to the question: "Which firm's down jackets are the warmest?" As a rule, they try to buy Alaska themselves in the future.

the warmest down jackets

Who can do without a down jacket?

On the other hand, residents of southern regions, rarely encountering snow on the streets and with temperatures below -10 aboutC, often think not about the down jackets of which firm are the warmest. They are more interested in beauty, convenience and practicality.

Such a consumer is perfect for clothes withsynthetic filler. These jackets, with excellent quality, are offered by Broadway and Timberland. Although they also have down jackets, but not for the polar latitudes.