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Tinted Balsam "Tonic Bordeaux": customer reviews

All the girls dream to look beautiful, well-groomed andattractive. A great role in appearance is played by hair. It is important that they look healthy, shiny, and the color is bright and saturated, causing the ecstasy of others. Toned balsam "Tonic. Bordeaux" perfectly refreshes the color and gives a natural shine. This tool is used to easily update the style. Color does not change radically, but acquires an attractive shining hue.

Bordeaux Tonic

How to choose the right one

Choosing a shade balm, in the first placeyou need to determine your color pattern. The hue for hair should be selected especially carefully, it should be in harmony with the eyes and skin. Stylists are advised to choose the tone closest to their native color. The palette of tonic colors allows you to easily select the right one:

"Tonic. Bordeaux" on dark hair lies perfectly. This tone looks best if the natural color is dark blond. In addition, for dark shades are suitable mocha, iris, chocolate, wild plum.

Bordeaux Tonic on Hair

For natural light shades, experts recommend using such tonic: milk chocolate, light brown, red amber, mocha.

Advantages of balm

"Tonic.Bordeaux "makes hair color more deep and saturated, not only quality colorants, but also a whole vitamin complex that helps to care for the hair, it becomes shiny, silky and attractive.

Bordeaux Tonic Photo

Features of tonic:

  • in the composition there is no ammonia, and therefore the structure of the hair remains intact;
  • the product is washed off within 1-2 weeks, which means there is room for the experiment;
  • it is permissible to apply a remedy to eliminate the difference between colored hair and overgrown roots;
  • palette makes it possible to easily choose the right shade;
  • affordable price.

How to use the tool correctly

The consistency of the balm is liquid, so be sure to follow the precautionary measures listed above so that no stains remain to the skin and clothing.

tonic shade balm bordeaux reviews

Here are the step-by-step instructions for using the tool:

  1. Protect clothing with a towel.
  2. In the line of hair growth, as well as on the ears and neck, apply a greasy cream to protect the skin from staining.
  3. Be sure to put gloves on your hands to protect your nails and skin from staining.
  4. On damp, clean hair, apply balm.First, paint the roots on the back of the head, and then distribute the tonic evenly. To simply freshen up the color, it is enough to withstand the remedy for five minutes. A light tint will appear after 10 minutes. But for the appearance of a saturated tone, you should wait about 30 minutes.
  5. Rinse off with warm water until it becomes clear.
  6. To fix the result, you can use the juice of half a lemon with a glass of water. Or you can just use a balm for colored hair.

Advice of specialists to achieve the desired result

Remember that "Tonic.Bordeaux "is strictly forbidden to use after a chemical wave and clarification.The components of the products can react and lead to an undesirable result.This can be a discrepancy of the hue.In the worst case, the structure of the hair will be caused significant harm.

Choose a shade slowly.Did you like the two shades? Try to take two small strands and paint them. Then compare the result and on the basis of this make an informed choice. Still could not decide? Tonic is quickly washed off, therefore it is recommended to make trial stains. Visualization, of course, will help with the solution of the issue, and no harm will come to the hair, "Tonic. Bordeaux." You can see the photo below.

Bordeaux Tonic for Dark Hair

How to wash the tonic

"Tonic.Bordeaux "looks bright and attractive on the hair, but women have a love of change, so despite the washing away of the tonic for 1-2 weeks in a natural way, the girls begin to look for a way to quickly remove one tone to replace another. the most popular and safe options.

Burdock oil has many usefulproperties, including is an excellent way to wash the pigment. To do this, you need to make a mask: mix burdock oil and lemon in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply the mixture on the hair, and then wrap it. Walk with the mask for no more than an hour, then rinse it thoroughly. Use this tool every two days.

Kefir forms an acidic environment that helpsremove the pigment from the hair. Just take the sour milk product (the fat content is not important) and apply to the hair. Leave for an hour, and then rinse thoroughly with water with lemon juice (it will remove the unpleasant odor).

One of the easiest ways is to wash your hair several times a day. But that it does not cause harm, always use a mask.

Two more effective and useful masks that will help wash the pigment:

  • The mask is made with a clay or honey base;
  • castor oil with the addition of olive oil (ratio 1: 1).

Customer Reviews

The only shade balm that hasthe composition of dyes of natural origin and the extract of white flax is "Tonic. Bordeaux". Customer reviews indicate that the product is easy to apply and has a pleasant scent.

Some girls note that after stainingtonics the hair is shiny, soft and silky. The bottle is enough for three full-fledged uses. Due to the fact that it is washed off quickly enough, if desired, you can often change colors. The color of the bordeaux turns bright and full, and the hair is pleasing with a healthy shine and radiance.

Many reviews confirm that hair afterstaining gains a soft glow, an attractive and healthy appearance. "Tonic. Bordeaux" keeps on the hair for two weeks. Some customers are very happy with the result and recommend the product to girlfriends. Hair after use of this tool is pleasing to health and attractive shine.

tonic bordeaux reviews

Some women who switch totinted balm after a long use of paints with ammonia, note that the hair no longer broke, they acquired a beautiful and healthy appearance. Still they are pleased with the possibility of frequent shade changes. It gives the hair soft shine and natural shine. This tonic is completely harmless, but the benefits of its use are significant.


We have dismantled all the advantages of hair products."Tonic". Shading balm "Bordeaux" reviews received deservedly positive. No wonder: this is the most convenient and safest way to experiment with hair color. The tool helps the girls to get from their hair saturation and brightness of color, radiance and spectacular brilliance. Due to the possibility of a quick washout of the pigment, women have the opportunity to change the style as often as they wish. Another important advantage of "Tonics", which is worth mentioning - an affordable price. Girls, let your hairstyles always please with health and incredible beauty.