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Montblanc - perfumes of the highest quality for everyone

Perfumery is an important part of many livespeople - each person has their own favorite flavors and producers. Someone finds their fragrance and uses it for many years, and someone prefers to experiment. Montblanc - a perfume, which will please absolutely everyone: both a man and a woman, both an amateur and a highly experienced specialist. In the collection of this manufacturer there are more than twenty names of perfumes, each of which is unique and offers you an unforgettable experience. In this article you will learn about the most impressive and iconic fragrances of Mobtblanc. These spirits have a very wide range of odors, so everyone can find the option that pleases him most.

Legend Montblanc for men

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Montblanc Legend perfume is the most famousmodel of this manufacturer, which is produced for both men and women. In total there are several variations, but here the basic aromas for both men and women will be described. So, first of all you should pay attention to the classic "Legend" for men.

It's aromatic sweet perfume, best of all.suitable for wearing in autumn or winter. The most audible notes in these spirits are pineapple, lavender and apple. They have medium durability, that is, they will last for six to eight hours after use, and also leave an average loop that will be felt at arm's length. These spirits are enclosed in a stylish bottle that will not be ashamed to show in public. In general, stylish bottles - this is one of the features of the manufacturer Montblanc, the spirits in each of the lines not only smell great, but also have an ideal exterior design.

Legend Pour Femme Montblanc for Women

montblanc perfume for men

As already mentioned above, Montblanc - perfume,They are produced in equal parts for both men and women. And often the iconic models are made in two versions: one for each of the sexes. Naturally, the "Legend" for women is very different from the male flavor, it has citrus and floral chords, and the most audible notes are orange, neroli and bitter orange. Those women who have already used these spirits, note that they are ideal for the cold season, in particular for the fall. It should be noted the increased stability of the fragrance, which can stay on the skin for up to twelve hours. He also has the same trail as the male "Legend", that is, the fragrance will be felt at arm's length.

Présence Montblanc for men

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If we talk about the iconic models, it is worthto pay attention to Présence Montblanc - perfume for men, from which the history of this brand began. They were released in 2001 and at the same time conquered all with their warm, spicy, aromatic chords. The notes of cinnamon, apple and ginger create an incredible range that simply amazes with its effect. At the same time, neither the train, nor the stamina of this model stood out - it conquered and continues to conquer the hearts of men and women who enjoy these perfectly combined smells. This is one of those flavors that at first glance may seem quite ordinary, but over time it is impossible not to penetrate, it is impossible not to fall in love with it.

Emblem Montblanc for men

montblanc perfume emblem

Once already in the article was told about the very firstman's perfume of this manufacturer, it is worth paying attention to the most relevant model. Perfume Montblanc Emblem is literally a new word in perfumery. They were released in 2014 and since then are the main and most popular product of the company along with the "Legend". At first glance, it may seem that the manufacturer has returned to the roots, since the main chords of the previous and this fragrance are similar, but with a more detailed examination it can be understood that on this (and also on notes of cinnamon) their similarity ends. The "Emblem" is dominated by notes of leaves of violet and muscatine sage. Moreover, this aroma is much more stable in comparison with all the previous ones, and the plume at it is felt at a greater distance.

Lady Emblem Elixir Montblanc for women

montblanc perfume for women

However, do not pay attention only to menaromas, since women also have the highest class and can conquer the hearts of millions. For example, you can take the latest product, released by the company on the market in 2016. This Lady Emblem Elixir Montblanc - perfume for women, which belong to the same series as the previous model described above. The main chords of this fragrance are fruit and pudding, and the most audible notes are lychees, peppers and damask roses. As you can see, the composition is more than exotic. Considering the fact that perfumes appeared on the market very recently, very few girls and women managed to compose a full-fledged presentation about them and bring their knowledge to the public. But already now it is known that these are pretty strong spirits, which you can feel at a distance of up to two meters. An elegant combination of fruit sweetness and hot peppercorn will be an excellent choice for those women who are looking for something new in the perfume area.

Présence d "une femme Montblanc for women

As in the case of men's fragrances, women'sAlso there was the very first model, which was released on the market in the distant 2002. And it is simply impossible to underestimate the effect these spirits had on the perfume of that time. They have woody and resinous main chords, which is more typical for men's perfume, and as their main notes they are rosewood, pepper and mandarin. However, be careful with this model - many women report that they feel excessive masculinity in this fragrance, so you should first try it and listen to the sensations before you go to such a radical step.