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"Calvin Klein" - perfume with a name

In 1942, in America was born an ordinaryboy. No one could have guessed that this boy would become the fashion trendsetter in perfumery. It's about Kelvin Klein. His mother tried to instill in the child a refined taste for quality, expensive clothes.

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Grandmother Kelvin taught his grandson to usesewing machine, and since then all his free time the boy was engaged in tailoring. Later, he graduated from the art school and began to work as an artist in fashion houses. To raise funds for starting his own business, he began to work in his father's shop.

In 1968, his dream came true, and he openedown company. By his efforts, jeans turned from working clothes into a fashionable element of men's and women's wardrobe. When the already famous designer started to create perfume, he did not expect that in this case he will surpass not only himself, but also many famous perfumers.

Apparently, this was written on the family of this man- for whatever he undertook, everything was brought to perfection. Just like clothes, the first perfumes from Kelvin Klein have gained wide popularity. "Kelvin Klein" - perfume, characterized by persistence and intensity. They can hear a lot of aromas - musk, peach, mandarin, bergamot, sandal.

To catch the approximate composition of the spirits "Calvin Klein" is capable only of true

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professional. Perfumes from this company are popular with young people and creative people who are eager to emphasize their uniqueness.

In 1985, Kelvin Klein literally broke intothe world of perfumery, creating its new fragrance Obsession, which today is rightly considered the pinnacle of perfumery mastery. Male and female Obsession became the world's first steamy fragrance. Next comes another masterpiece - the line Etemity, then the spirits Escape.

In 1994, Kelvin Klein produces SK One -spirits that turned all the old canons of perfume. His first fragrance in the line "unisex" became the best-selling at all times. He brought the company more than five million dollars in ten days of sales. Someone calculated that the novelty was sold at a rate of twenty bottles per minute. With incredible speed, the popularity of perfumery "Kelvin Klein" grew.

The perfumes of CK One were created for the younger generation, who was bored with the routine and grayness, which, like the air, needed freedom of choice and self-expression.

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After the stunning success of this fragrance, Kelvin Klein created the "unisex" line and in 2005-2006 replenished it with new interesting finds. Since 2004, it has annually updated summer fragrances.

Perfume "Calvin Klein Euphoria" was created in 2008and are an oriental-floral fragrance. Its top notes are garnet, heart - orchid and lotus, base notes - mahogany, amber. Replenishing its considerable collection, the company Kelvin Klein perfume women produces annually. From novelties I would like to present Eternity Summer 2013-an aroma for women.

It is filled with the noise of sea waves, solitudebeaches and the splendor of seascapes. Women Kelvin Klein are graceful and modern, desirable and gorgeous. The evening bouquet is placed in a violet-violet bottle.

"Kelvin Klein" - perfumes of high quality, bright and fascinating, created for those who are accustomed to enjoy life.