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Haircut bob with bangs - simple and stylish

If you want to look fashionable and restrained at the same time, then you are ideal haircut bob with a bang or without it.

Haircut bob with bangs

The history of this hairstyle is associated withthe name of the famous Coco Chanel. They say that she burned her long hair, when she dried them over a gas hob, and she urgently had to cut them. Everyone thought that the resulting hair was pretty nice, so she quickly became popular. Others believe that one of the most famous dancers cut off her hair, because a long braid prevented dancing, and Coco Chanel only adopted her image. So there was a haircut bob with a bang.

At first glance, it seems that there's something to be said,in general, there is nothing. However, there are a lot of varieties of this hairstyle. To start with - classic haircut bob with bangs. If you have never worn such a variant before, the professionals of hairdressing art are advised to start with this model. It is distinguished by the clarity of the lines and perfectly even cuts, which is especially beautiful on dense, non-curling hair. But if you doubt the flawlessness of the oval of your face, do not risk cutting your hair in this way, since it can underscore many more disadvantages than dignity.

Photo of a bang
Cutting a bob with a bang, if it's a square, maybeelongated or short. The most popular variation of such a hairstyle is the first. It is open to continuous experiments with hair. First, you can change the length of the bang itself. Browse the photo of a bang and select the one that suits you. An interesting option is to cut a few strands, and the rest to paint in acid colors. This, without a doubt, will draw people's attention to you. Show your personality is possible and when styling hair. Strongly brush curls at the roots, and the ends, on the contrary, bend inward with a curling rod. The hairstyle will seem unusually lush and airy like a cloud. If you have a special diffuser dryer, then you will get a crushed, playful bean (slightly wavy). The main thing - do not wait until the tips dry completely.

Photo of hairstyles with bangs
If you love a strict, "teacher's" style, thentry a short bean with a bang. Especially good this haircut looks on dark hair. Flawlessly straight, smooth cut of the bangs will give you a serious, cold look. Such a haircut is often done by a businesswoman. But do not think that such an option can not be transformed. A short bean is easy to make romantic and flying: just apply a drop of your favorite hair mousse and lightly curl them with a curling rod. Of the merits of such a penalty can not be called the addition of volume and the concealment of the most notable shortcomings of appearance. If you have a narrow, elongated face, then the ideal for the idelnam is a rounded one. But for a round face, a corner bean with asymmetrical strands will fit, which will correct its shape.

Haircut bob with bangs still does not come out offashion, which speaks of its uniqueness. Consult a qualified hairdresser and make the haircut you like. A photo of hairstyles with a bang will help you decide.