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Voice input text: which program should I use?

Итак, сегодня нам с вами предстоит разобраться, what is voice input text. To be honest, many users of different gadgets are interested in this function. It is very convenient. Especially if there is no time to type the text or you are in an awkward position. In this case, you have to somehow get out. And in this voice will help you. Let's figure out how to implement voice input.

What is this opportunity?

To begin with, we will have to understand what we will havea business. It's very important. You can suffer a long time with the setting, and then realize that this feature was absolutely useless. Fortunately, voice input is not so bad.

voice text input

The main problem here is really in the setupon different gadgets. In particular, on the computer. What gives voice input text? You can not print your messages, but speak. For you, the program will record everything. Will only publish the post. As you can see, a fairly convenient function. And it can be implemented not only on computers.

Where does it occur?

Where else is voice input text?To be honest, it is present in all modern gadgets. Some of the buyers do not even suspect that, for example, in their smartphone there is a voice dialing. And so we'll have to make a precise list of gadgets, where now there is a text input with the help of a voice:

  • computers;
  • voice input text "Android" (that is, on smartphones with this system);
  • telephones;
  • tablets;
  • e-books;
  • Apple products.

voice input android
The main thing is to take an interest before purchasingthis function. In some modern models, it still does not exist. However, it is possible to fix this situation very quickly and easily. Special applications will help here. But about them later. For now, let's try to understand how you can implement voice input on different gadgets. Let's start, perhaps, with the simplest variants of the development of events.

The tablet

In any modern tablet there are special built-in applications for voice test input. They can be called anything. But the most common option is Speech.

How to type the voice text?Simply launch the application, and then click on "Start". Now just start talking to the place where the microphone is located. That's all the problems are solved. To be honest, this method acts solely as a notebook. But for writing messages you can download a special "thing" - this is a program for voice text input. For example, Voice SMS. With it you not only can quickly and simply print messages, but also send them.

voice-input text windows 7

As you can see, there are no problems.Also in the browsers of any tablet there are built-in functions for typing the text with voice. This is very useful, especially when searching for certain data. You do not need to type a long query - the machine will do everything for you.


The phones also have voice input."Android" in this - a born leader. The thing is that smartphones with this operating system already have several built-in programs. True, they do not differ in original names. As a rule, for simplicity of search and use they are called simply - "Voice dialing".

In general, by default any smartphone usercan customize the typing, as well as performing some functions with your voice. All settings are available in a special menu. As a rule, under the "Dial by voice" branch. After saving all the information, you can restart the smartphone, and then try to just say the text in the microphone. It is either printed in notepad (in "Notes"), or it launches one or another function on the mobile phone. Very convenient, simple and easy. Do not need to think which program to use to implement voice input on the smartphone.


All Apple products were originally equippedmentioned program. It helped users to type text without using their fingers and keyboard. Only here the voice input of text on the iPad is a very difficult process. Why? All because of the difficulties of the settings.

voice input on your computer

Initially, it is necessary to visit this point inphone. Now go to the "Basic" tab. There, find the "Keyboards", and then tick the box next to "Enable dictation." It remains to save the changes. It's better to reboot your iPad or Apple smartphone, and then try out the setup in action. To do this, open the browser or messages, then start speaking the text. The system should start typing with spelling. Very good and useful reception. Disables the function on the iPad in the same way as it was turned on.


Не так давно и на компьютерах появился голосовой text input. Windows 7, perhaps, the ancestor of this function. And then users are faced with huge problems. It seems that the ability to type text in voice is, but it is initially disabled. That is, no matter how hard you try, you still can not speak the expression, and then see them on the computer. I'll have to adjust the voice input of text. Windows 7 allows you to activate several very good applications. But modern users do not like to suffer with them. For this reason, we have to look for a universal tool. And it is - called Speechpad.

voice input software

This is the brainchild of "Google", which has pleased manyusers. Now the voice input on the computer has become available to everyone. And this is taking into account the fact that you will not have to make a long adjustment. Just search for this application on the Internet (it is free and is freely available), and then download it to your computer. Next you need to install the program. This process does not take you much time.

Когда установка завершится, достаточно будет launch the application. You will see a window in which a text input box will be displayed. You speak into the microphone, and the program prints the words you say. And with all this, she observes the rules of punctuation and spelling. Speechpad is a great helper for writers, as well as copywriters and rewriters. True, it is not the only way to implement voice input on a computer. There is one more uncomplicated approach. But it is suitable only for browsers.

Search data

It is very convenient when searching data on the Internet using voice dialing. Such a function is already embedded in many search engines. But most often it is found in Google.

What you need?Go to the main page of the search engine, and then click on the microphone image on the right side of the search bar. Now you can talk text that is worth looking for. That's all the problems solved. As you can see, nothing difficult or supernatural. Only not many users like this feature - after all, when speaking in a foreign language, you will have to set up voice dialing. Thus, it is better to use the program in one language. This will save you from unnecessary problems in the process.

voice input on ipad

As you can see, there are a lot of options.And programs for each gadget too. Everyone has the right to decide which applications to use it. But you really should pay attention to the built-in functions, as well as on the Speechpad.