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Who should I study, or What professions are in demand now?

When it comes to choosing the futurespecialty, when there is a need for retraining, it is not so easy to make the right decision. After all, from the right choice in many ways depends on how the future life will or will change. That is why it is not out of place to find out which professions are in demand nowadays and in whom in our country today there is a shortage.

what professions are in demand now

Features of the labor market

The main distinguishing feature of this economicstructure is that the object of "buying and selling" in it is the right to use labor force in the labor process, as well as the knowledge, qualifications and abilities of a person. Here, as elsewhere in the economy, the law of the correspondence of supply and demand operates. At the same time, when answering a question about which professions are in demand, it should be noted that the labor market is characterized by great inertia. If we compare it with the dynamics of currencies or raw materials, where cardinal changes occur in a week or even a few days or even hours, then qualitative shifts become visible only after a few years, if not decades. This circumstance makes it possible for young people who choose their future profession, as well as all other participants in labor relations, to find out in advance what jobs are in demand and not to worry about their choice. With a probability of more than 95%, it can be argued that there will be no significant changes in the current situation in the labor market in the near future.

demanded trade
IT sector

This area in various surveys and ratings on the topicabout which professions are in demand now, always comes first. The number of computers in the offices is constantly growing, and now it is difficult to imagine the production activities of many companies without them. Technologies are constantly being improved, new programs are coming out, and universities that train IT professionals simply do not keep up with the speed of progress in this area. So, according to approximate calculations, for one such professional, depending on how narrow his specialization is, there are 2-15 jobs, which ensures a high level of income in this sector.

Creative specialties

To people with a good imagination and beautifulimagination to worry about their employment is unlikely to have. Those who have creativity and creativity in their blood, should look at the sphere of marketing, design, PR-management. In this sector we offer good salaries, and there is a significant increase in vacancies, but we hasten to disappoint young professionals - only experienced and experienced staff are interested in employers, because any mistake can be costly.

Workers specialties

A demanded profession for those who have "goldhands "and who chooses physical labor is a mason, carpenter, fitter, carpenter, turner. However, despite the fact that the interest of employers in these specialties is growing, it should be noted that the real income in this area is still low, and the opportunities for a career are very limited.

demanded professions of the future

The professions of the future are in demand

Scientists "Skolkovo" recently held their ownA study to find out which professions will become popular in Russia in the near future. In seven to eight years, GMO agronomists, molecular nutritionists, space vehicle engineers, time-brokers, experts in cyberprothesis, biorobot designers, network doctors, biopharmacologists, virtual lawyers and urban environmentalists will take the first places in the job rankings. And the Ministry of Health presented to the world "Atlas of professions", which contains more than 8000 titles. Thus, now those who are interested in demanded specialties can easily navigate through it.