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Need work? In the "Savings Bank"! Reviews about the company are positive!

work in the savings bank reviews

Let's say that you are interested in working inSberbank. Feedback on the work activity in this company can be very different, but it must always be taken into account that this bank has certain advantages over other organizations. Firstly, it is the largest credit institution in our country. As of today, the authorized capital of the bank is about 68 billion rubles, while revenues for the first half of 2013 are about 4.2 billion rubles. with unused profit of 191.8 million rubles.

What else is good work in the "Sberbank"?Reviews testify in favor of this employer also in the sense that the credit institution was founded in 1841 and has about one hundred and eleven branches, more than 11,000 additional offices and about 5,000 operating cash desks. This means that the bank is not a one-day firm that can disappear somewhere, leaving employees without salary and work.

Sberbank of Russia

The staff at the bank is almosta quarter of a million people. For people who know foreign languages, there are prospects to work in representative offices of the organization that are open in twenty countries of the world. But how hard is working at Sberbank? Responses of employees working directly with clients often contain an indication of a very dense flow of visitors, including many elderly people who have trusted the bank since the times of the Soviet savings banks. This creates certain difficulties in work, as the representatives of the older generation have little knowledge in the financial sphere. In addition, a large number of customers creates queues in which people can be very unfriendly.

How is such work paid?Sberbank of Russia offers competitive salary, high salaries to really talented employees. In some regions, earnings may be slightly lower than in commercial banks that do not have such a huge staff. After all, few companies in Russia can place in the “Employee search” section requests for five hundred specialists, three hundred experts and one hundred managers.

What does the employee who is attracted to work getin Sberbank? Testimonials from people already working there report that it is possible to get a loan on favorable terms in the bank, to receive financial assistance, medical insurance, participate in the pension program, have benefits under the LCA. Staff receive discounts on products from partner companies, which the bank has a lot of (Sberonus). In addition, company managers can take an MBA program (500 people), work on a personal career development plan.

Sberbank branch mode

In almost every localitythere is a "Sberbank". Branches, the mode of operation of which is very diverse, allow access to all financial services. At the same time, open access ATMs almost always work around the clock, most of the additional offices work up to 19-20 hours. But there are also structural units that work up to 21 hours to provide service for those who late finishes the working day.