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Zlata Kovalchuk: the ideal child of the famous mother

This girl appeared in an acting family.And she was not just born, but was born under the lenses of the movie camera during the filming of the series. And all because she is Zlata Kovalchuk, the daughter of the famous heroine from the "Secrets of the Investigation" Maria Shvetsova.

Not just

Little Zlata - daughter of actors Anatoly Ilchenkoand Anna Kovalchuk - from the first minutes of her life she became acquainted with the cinema. As it turned out, this friendship is still preserved. After all, she is still shooting with her famous mother, being on the screen by her daughter. The only difference with her real life is that she is the youngest child in the series (according to the script Masha Shvetsova has the eldest son of Kostya), but in reality she is the eldest in the family, because the girl has a younger brother Dobrynia.

And everything turned out quite by accident.Even in the casting for the role of Maria Sergeevna actress Anna Kovalchuk slukavala, saying that she was already thirty, although she only celebrated her 22nd birthday. But the girl was approved. Began shooting. It was ready for several series, when it became clear that the main character is in an interesting position and is going to bring the matter to a logical conclusion. The creators of the film, all having thoroughly considered and weighed, decided to use the current situation for the benefit of the shootings. The author Elena Topilskaya had to quickly rewrite a piece of the script, which concerned Shvetsova's personal life.

Sweet little daughter

And it happened.Zlata Kovalchuk, whose biography is unlike the biography of the other girls of her age, was born during the filming of the series. The very scene of births entered the film, so in the next season of "Secrets of the investigation" the main character automatically became the mother of two charming children.

zlata kovalchuk

Of course, and subsequently the youngest daughter Shvetsovaplayed Zlata Kovalchuk. For the whole film crew, she became a kind of universal goddaughter, and all adults were proud of her unusually. From the first days she was pretty and perfectly mastered her role. There is an opinion that it would be a good idea to bring it to the Guinness Book of Records, because, in all likelihood, she is the only child on the planet Earth, who started shooting in the mother's womb, was born right in the frame and goes to the set so far .

What does the coming day prepare for me?

Now this young actress is 16 years old.She studies in the 10th grade. Her famous mother very much hopes that her daughter will go to St. Petersburg University. True, they have not yet decided on the specialty, but perhaps it will be philosophy or psychology. After all, Zlata for mother is the most intelligent and diligent girl.

Anna always speaks with special pride of Zlata andsays that the last few years - from the age of five - the daughter is keen on horseback riding. Three times a week she goes to the stable. And now for the almost adult Zlata the most terrible punishment is the prohibition of parents for training. Zlata Kovalchuk spends her royalties on film shootings to buy saddles and harness for her horses. By the way, now the girl began to be removed less, because equestrian sport is much more important for her than actor's profession.

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Since Anna understands that this attitude of the girl to this is very serious, she made her a gift - she bought Rafaello's horse.

Already can not without communication with horses ZlataKovalchuk. Her personal life is in constant training and care for these graceful animals. She herself admits that now her goal is to become a master of sports.

Kisses before going to bed - an important family ritual

Anna Kovalchuk is sure that her daughter ZlataKovalchuk is an ideal child. She grows obedient, neizbalovannoy girl. The actress can remember only one moment, when as punishment she had to take away her daughter's mobile phone for a whole month. True, the girl did not resist.

Mom-actress has a very long time strictly observestheir nutrition, so as not to recover for a couple of kilograms. Now Zlata, grown up, tries to follow her example. She began to eat often, but little by little, and not at night. Mom and daughter checked these rules on themselves. Zlate even managed to lose five kilograms, without eating after seven in the evening. And her favorite sweet - cakes and pastries - she eats only before lunch.

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Мама и дочь очень много разговаривают друг с friend, utter a huge number of different topics. There may be conflicts. But Anna is sure that in the transition years it is associated with hormonal bursts. Children can not cope with this themselves, so the main task of parents is to help their babies.

Делясь своим родительским опытом, Анна tells that she never forgets to kiss her son and daughter before going to bed. After all, even if parents and children quarreled, after tender kisses the younger ones will fall asleep with completely different, kind and positive emotions.