/ / "American Dreams" - a movie for family viewing

"American Dreams" - a film for family viewing

A term that has long been a cultural phenomenon inwhich embeds a set of specific goals and human needs, meaning a desire for anything - the American dream. The film with the same name was released in the 90s. But in 2002 a series with a similar name appeared.

American dreams

Not to say that he has gained widepopular, however it is known in certain circles. This serial film is very specific. He combines the features of comedy, drama and musical film. So, "American Dreams" first appeared on television in 2002, but in Russia the series appeared much later. It should be noted that there are 61 series in total, they are divided into three seasons. All series of the sitcom were filmed for 3 years (in 2005, the shooting ended). True, the last third season has not been translated at all, so the Russian audience, who wants to see “American Dreams”, simply has to practice translating from English to Russian. Fans of the film does not stop.

American Dream TV series

The audience is transferred to the distant 1960s.The main action is centered around the Pryor family. Now and then the main characters face questions and problems of varying complexity and importance. At the private level, they struggle with racism, feminism. In addition, they face such an important problem of all times and peoples as adolescent maximalism. The 60s are a time of a change in consciousness, cultural and political changes. At this time, rock-n-sex is born - a phenomenon that influenced entire generations and concerns not only music. Rock and Paul is a philosophy, a way of life.

"American Dreams" - a series created for family viewing. There is no "action", the rapid development of the plot, but there is an interesting and eventual plot, flavored with good acting and music.

American dream movie

Directors and film directors managed to collectmany good actors. The main roles were played by Gail Ogradi, Tom Verik, Sarah Ramok, Britani Snow and others. It must be said that many of the actors in the series are people associated with music. For example, the singer and actress Jeanne Levesque. In this film, she performed the role of a young Linda Ronstat. American actress and singer Haylie Duff also starred in the film. As an actress, she performed in 26 films, and as a singer she performed many songs that are soundtracks to various motion pictures. In addition, the film was attended by stars such as Alan Dale, the famous film "Lost", Virginia Madson, who played in the films "Ghost House on the Hill", "Mussolini", etc.

Director David Semel managed to recreate inAccuracy coloring American nation of the 1960s. The atmosphere of hippies, naughty youths, the time of appearance of jeans and rock'n'roll was excellent. David Semel is known as the author of American Horror Story, Intelligence, and Unusual Family. There were no similar films in his career, therefore his series can be described as a breakthrough and career success. "American dreams" are also interesting in terms of musical accompaniment. The abundance of songs, music makes the film look like vintage black and white pictures about love, intended for evening family views.