Good comedy for family viewing: a list

Когда близким удается собраться вместе, хорошим a variant of pastime will be a joint film review. A good solution is comedy for family viewing. The list of such paintings is quite impressive, and almost certainly you can find a film that all members of the family will like. The advantage of such paintings is that they are focused primarily on children, which means that there will be no scenes of violence or obscene moments in them.

Good comedy for family viewing listwhich we bring to the attention of readers, will help to have fun in the circle of loved ones and will give precious moments of communication with the family. The number of selected films included both cult films of the past years, which have not lost their relevance today, as well as contemporary paintings, which received high ratings from the audience.


A good comedy for family viewing, one of the main roles played by Robin Williams.

Judy and Peter find a mysterious board with a game.Jumanji. Without having finished reading the rules and rashly deciding to play it, the brother and sister awaken dangerous forces and find themselves involved in an incredibly exciting, but risky game.

comedy for family viewing


Fleeing from their enemies of the Gorgos, the race of the Bouvans is seekinghaven throughout the galaxy. New home they find on Earth. People are quickly relocated to Australia, and the planet is undergoing transformation. One of the bouvos, O, sends everyone an invitation to a housewarming party and randomly sends a message to the gorgam. He is declared a criminal and O is forced to flee. Hiding in the store, he encounters a girl Dar, who is looking for his mother. Runaway Bouve promises to help her. On the way to faraway Australia, Dar and O begin to get to know each other better, and the nascent friendship between them is growing stronger.

good comedy for family viewing


Good comedy for family viewing (a list of all the pictures can be seen further) continues the animation film studio Pixar.

Emotions play a huge role in human life.It is great if they are in balance, but sometimes the environment breaks a delicate emotional balance. And then irreparable can happen. The girl Riley feels confusion and anger due to her family moving to another city. This negatively affects her emotional state. Five main emotions: joy, anger, sadness, disgust and fear try to help the girl in a difficult life situation.

good comedy for family viewing list

When Joy and Sorrow accidentally fall out ofcommand center and get into the labyrinths of the deep memory of the girl, her personality begins to collapse. Emotions need to learn how to work together and understand the importance of each of them in order to return to Riley’s familiar world.

"More than life"

This is a wonderful family comedy in which the mainthe hero Jack gets an unexpected inheritance - the elephant faith. What to do with such a gift of fate, the hero does not know. He decides to find her a new owner. Vera is ready to take away, but Jack will have to take the transportation of the elephant to Sri Lanka, her new home, for herself. The task of transporting a four-ton animal is not an easy one. On the journey, the main characters get to know each other closer and learn to exist side by side. Jack understands how clever and talented Vera is, and the elephant begins to feel affection for the new owner and learns to trust him.

"Shop of Miracles"

Хозяин волшебной лавки с чудесным игрушками he is going to retire - he is 243 years old, and for more than a hundred years he has run a shop. During this time, the shop has become a favorite place for children. He transfers his affairs to Molly, a 25-year-old assistant. She is experiencing not the best time and is sinking deeper into depression. The magic of the magic shop responds to its depressed state, and more recently the colorful and colorful toy store becomes a gray and boring place. Dissatisfied buyers leave the shop. Molly decides to put it up for sale. Favorite store is trying to save the boy Eric, who is developing a plan, how to persuade the girl to abandon the sale.

Russian comedies for family viewing

"Cook on wheels"

Funny comedy about the talented culinary specialist CarlaCasper. Because of his bold experiments and unrestrained nature, he loses the job of a chef at a prestigious restaurant. Friends help him with a new job, and Karl becomes the owner of a small diner on wheels. He makes a bet on Cuban cuisine and goes on a journey through the roads of America. Gradually, such a life begins to bring him joy, and his culinary muse returns to Karl. He improves the recipe of his signature sandwiches and comes up with more and more exquisite sauces. The enterprise is booming, and soon three eateries are already working for Carla. One day, he sees how a restaurant critic, because of the devastating reviews of which Karl lost his job as a chef, eats his sandwich. The critic is delighted with his culinary talent and offers cooperation.


Преподаватель химии Филипп Брейнард давно working on the creation of a special substance - this is the only available way for him to find money and save his college from being closed. After many unsuccessful attempts, he creates a flaber - a jelly-like substance concentrating energy. The absent-mindedness of the professor leads to the fact that the flabber falls into the wrong hands. But the criminals who stole the invention, still do not know what it is capable of.

funny comedy for family viewing

"Night at the Museum"

Larry Daley after a desperate job searchagrees to the post of night superintendent of the Museum of Natural History. The first night he makes an incredible discovery - the museum exhibits come to life. As it turned out, the reason for this is the Egyptian magical gold plate - at night it revives the skeleton of a tyrannosaur, ancient people, Attila, toy cowboys and stuffed animals. Larry manages to make friends with the inhabitants of the museum and help them save the magic plate from abduction.

funny comedy for family viewing

"Furry Vengeance"

A fun, family-friendly comedy starring Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields.

According to the plot of the picture, the developer Dan Sandersreceives from his boss the task of cutting down part of the forest. The previous developer did not cope with this task, as local animals actively protect their home. Now their goal was Dan, and defeating a team of bear, raccoon, skunks and prairie dogs is almost impossible. The developer soon learns that the company for which he works does not care about the preservation of nature at all, but wants to use the territory freed from the forest to build houses.

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Holidays films and New Year comedies for family viewing

"New Year's Adventures of Masha and Viti"

A wonderful story about how schoolchildren Masha and VityaGo to a fairy tale to help the distressed Snow Maiden. She was kidnapped by Kaschey the Immortal in order to arrange the New Year for his minions. Having learned that children are hurrying to the aid of the grandfather of Santa Claus, he sends them to meet Leshy, the cat Matthew and Baba Yaga. To cope with them, Masha and Vite help ingenuity and school knowledge. On the way to Kashchei, the guys will meet good characters - Apple Tree, Oven and Old Man-Lesovichka.

New Year's comedy for family viewing

"Shaggy Fir Trees" - a fun comedy for a familyview, telling the story of two bosom friends: the mutts of the Pirate and purebred Yoko. Their owners gathered for the New Year to go to St. Petersburg. It was decided to leave pets in a special hotel for animals, about which dog owners learned from advertising on the Internet. Who could know that the staff of an elite shelter are deft robbers. Knowing that the owners of animals were away, they climbed into empty houses and robbed them. Pirate and Yoko, having learned that the criminals are planning to enter their house this night, escape from the hotel. They intend to last to protect the property of their beloved owners.

comedy for family viewing

Funny comedy for family viewing can not be listed without, perhaps, the best movie in this genre - the movie "Home Alone".

The story of juvenile Kevin, accidentally forgotten at home by his parents, became a cult picture, and the leading actor Macaulay Culkin gained incredible popularity.

Good comedy for family viewing "Home Alone". This is an incredibly funny and fascinating story of the 5-year-old clever Kevin and two robbers.

good comedy for family viewing

Best Russian comedies for family viewing


Известный авиаконструктор погибает в car accident. The unfinished business forces him to remain on Earth in the form of a ghost. No one sees or hears Yuri Gordeyev, except for the quiet and notorious schoolboy Vanya. For the aircraft designer, he is the only chance to finish the work of a lifetime.

Russian comedies for family viewing


Попавший в дом метеорит наградил семью Бобровых incredible abilities that only show up if the family is in the collection. But instead of committing heroic deeds, they decide to use their new skills to rob a bank.