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Maria Ivaschenko: biography, career, personal life

Maria Ivashchenko is a famous young actress.Idol of a new generation and just a charming girl. She wants to imitate, for her actor's game with pleasure watching millions of girls and guys. Her unrivaled talent, Maria owes her creative family, because she is the daughter of the famous Alexei Ivashchenko.

Biography of Mary

The girl was born in Moscow on August 30, 1991 inknown creative family. Maria was a very versatile child and always wanted to learn. She tried herself as an artist, enjoyed visiting music school and swimming. Maria Ivashchenko did not even think of becoming an actress, she was attracted to the singer's career.

maria ivashchenko

But the call of acting did get the better,and the girl after school enters VGIK, which successfully finishes. Completely immersed in acting, Maria was no longer to stop. Different roles and images that the girl tried on herself, helped to hone the skill and go out into the light.

Actor's way

Since the age of nine, Maria has already started to play in the musical"Nord-Ost". This was her debut in the field of acting, which turned all life. Later the girl was invited to the production of "Ordinary Miracle", for which her father, incidentally, wrote music.

Mariya Ivaschenko Filmography

As a teenager, Maria constantly tookparticipation in various city events and even played Snow Maiden on New Year's holidays. "Eralash" gladly invited Maria to take episodic shots. A little later, the girl was offered a movie. Among the very first works were such pictures as "The Maiden-Peasant Woman" and "The Law of Thinking".


Glory to the beginning talent came afterhappy event. Maria Ivashchenko, whose filmography was never replenished with popular films, was invited to appear in the multi-part film "Molodezhka." Maria got the role of Alina Morozova. Enjoy the game of the actress, you can just turn on the popular TV series, which goes to this day. The series tells about the hockey team and all the stories that happen to the guys throughout the series.

Alina Morozova performed by Maria

Alina is a real sports star.Figure skating for a girl makes up most of her life. Alina skates with Eric, who clearly feels wild feelings for the girl. Alina is constantly under the strict control of the mother, who literally controls literally every step she makes. When a young man appears in the life of a figure skater, the mother tries in every possible way to separate them.

maria ivashchenko private life

But this is not all achievements of the actress.In parallel with the shooting Ivashchenko is engaged in duplicating foreign films. It's hard to believe, but it's her voice that says the famous Miley Cyrus and even Anastacia Steel from the most scandalous film of the present "Fifty shades of gray."

The actress does not hurry to stop in the development of her career and with pleasure she takes an active part in all projects where you can show yourself and show your talent.

Personal life

Maria Ivashchenko, whose personal life is not at allhiding, as it happens with other celebrities, openly admits that she has a beloved man. There were rumors that this mysterious lover was her partner on the TV series "Molodezhka", but this is not so. The girl denied this rumor and stated that her boyfriend is also an actor, but together they do not work. It is known that the name of Mary's beloved is Ivan.

Maria and Ivan have been together for three years together andthey are not going to part. Due to the fact that both are tightly connected with the acting, jealousy in their pair is not and can not be. They met on the musical "Ordinary Miracle", they became real friends and feelings at first, but gradually the young people began to look more and more at each other until they realized that these are real sincere feelings.