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Tea or coffee - which is more useful? Features, types and recommendations of specialists

It is known that tea and coffee are the two mostpopular hot drinks in the world, won a huge number of supporters. It is believed that the inhabitants of the planet Earth in general can be attributed to the representatives of the two camps, singling out among them connoisseurs of coffee and those who prefer tea. "Tea or coffee - which is more useful?" - an important question, which should be understood.

tea or coffee that is more useful


Choosing between tea and coffee, most peopleguided in their preferences by considerations of taste, the influence of these drinks on health is somehow thought less. But scientists have long taken up this issue and in their studies came to conclusions that should be known to all lovers of coffee and tea.

Tea or coffee - which is more useful?

However, these two drinks scientists consider usefulfor human health, as it is proved that they contain active ingredients in their composition. But a clear conclusion that it is more useful to drink tea or coffee, none of the scientists can do so far.

Tea: about the diversity of species

There are several main types of tea that differ in taste and aroma peculiarities, as well as with the unique impact on the human body:

  • Green. Имеет слабую степень окисления.Has a pronounced herbal aroma. The taste is slightly tart or sweet. Valued as a natural antioxidant. In its composition: carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin C, minerals (zinc, manganese, selenium).
  • The black. Strongly brewed drink normalizes digestion, is effectively used to treat typhoid fever, dysentery, removes harmful substances from the body.
  • White. It is made from unblown kidneys andof young tea leaves. It is not subjected to heat treatment. It differs with a light or yellowish color of the dry mixture. Known as a health and youth tea. Strengthens immunity, heals wounds, increases blood coagulability, prevents the appearance of various diseases.

that it is more useful to drink tea or coffee

  • Yellow. Elite tea, is made from young kidneys. In taste there is a slight bitterness. Increases immunity, relieves headache.

useful properties of tea and coffee

  • Oolong. Close to black tea.It has a bright, rich aroma with notes of chocolate, honey, flowers, fruits, spices. Contains essential oils, vitamins and minerals. Positively affects human health.

what are the useful properties of tea and coffee

  • Puer. Reduces blood sugar, improves the digestive tract, removes toxins, rejuvenates and tones up the skin.

what is more useful in the morning tea or coffee

What are the types of coffee?

Coffee is also distinguished by a huge variety of species. The most common are:

  • "Arabica", which grows above sea levelat a height of 900 to 2000 m. The grain of this variety is elongated, with a smooth surface, slightly curved. During the light frying of grains, the particles of coffee berries do not burn out to the end.
  • "Robusta" containing more caffeine, in terms of flavor is considered less refined.

what is more useful than coffee or green tea

According to various estimates, these two species account for up to98% of all coffee produced in the world: "Arabica" is 70% of volume, "Robusta" - 28%. The remaining varieties, which do not have industrial significance, account for 2% of the world's volume.

What is known to science about the influence of tea and coffee on the human body?

To those who are considering the choice:tea or coffee - which is more useful, and what is still preferred, it will be interesting to know that both these drinks have both beneficial and harmful to human health properties.

The most common types of tea are black and green. Most often, it is the properties of these two popular tea varieties that are compared with the properties of coffee.

Useful properties of tea and coffee

  • Both coffee and tea contain antioxidants.
  • In black tea, the amount of caffeine is 2 times higher than in coffee: tea from 2.7 to 4.1%, coffee from 1.13 to 2.3%.
  • In both drinks: in coffee, and in tea (black and green) contain polyphenols, which protect against cancer, heart disease, etc.

More details about what useful properties have tea and coffee, see further in the article.

Which is more useful?

Scientists have always been interested in the question of which ofdrinks more beneficial effect on the human body. Tea or coffee: what's healthier? It will be easier to solve this problem for yourself by reading the following information.

Tea (especially green), thanks tocontained in it tannins, promotes active excretion of the body of heavy metals, strengthening of blood vessels. In addition, the substances contained in it help in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, various gastric diseases.

Coffee is indispensable in preventing suchdiseases like cirrhosis of the liver, migraine, asthma, heart attack. Thus, knowing about the state of their health, and based on their own tastes, everyone can decide which of the drinks is preferable to him.

About the benefits of black tea

A long time among consumers there wasthe opinion that coffee is much more useful than black tea. The drink has many healing properties, although they are less pronounced than in the green. It is known that tea (black), in addition to helping to remove toxins from the body, can simultaneously stimulate and calm the nervous system due to the two substances that complement each other: caffeine (theine) and tannin (tannin).

Black tea

It is common for tannin to exert caffeine retention.action, so it persists in the body longer. In addition, black tea can slow down the leaching of calcium from the bones, and therefore is considered a good prevention of osteoporosis (decrease in bone density), especially if it is used with milk. Doctor advises black tea to drink to hypertensive patients. After drinking this drink, the normal level of pressure is quickly restored, which does not rise too high in the future.

So, black tea has a beneficial effect on the heart: it reduces blood pressure and improves the condition of the arteries. In comparison, decaffeinated coffee contains higher levels of cholesterol.

Dentists caution: do not use lemon and sugar when consuming tea. Packaged tea is convenient to use, but contains few useful properties.

Which tea to choose: black or green?

An interesting fact is that although green andBlack tea comes from a single plant; they differ in the particular process of leaf processing. When processed in black tea, more nutrients are lost than in green tea. Consequently, green tea is more beneficial to humans than black. It is known that in Japan the most useful is considered green tea matcha (powdered).

The benefits of green tea

Many experts recognized that the most beneficial to health is green tea, which is created from selected leaves, plucked from the very top of the bush.

green tea

Green tea is an excellent tonic and invigorating.a means that has a beneficial effect on the body in various diseases, including colds, as well as activates oxygen metabolism. Catechin contained in green tea increases the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar, strengthens blood vessels, helps relieve fatigue and reduce susceptibility to stress.

Vitamins in Green Teaits therapeutic and antioxidant properties are enhanced. The drink protects cells, prevents destruction and increases their lifespan. In addition, in the heat of this drink, you can quickly and easily quench your thirst. Doctors recommend drinking green tea during rehabilitation periods after serious illness.

So, green tea has a beneficial effect on the state:

  • teeth: the antioxidant contained in it prevents the occurrence of caries;
  • genitourinary system: in green tea lovers the formation of kidney stones is prevented;
  • bones: those who are interested in what is healthier, coffee or green tea, should learn that green tea strengthens human bones, and coffee, according to experts, can cause osteoporosis;
  • brain: green tea successfully prevents Alzheimer's disease;
  • weight: green tea is able to enhance and improve metabolism in the body, while caffeine is suppressed and appetite decreases.

What is the use of coffee?

Coffee, if consumed small and reasonabledoses also has a positive effect on the human body. It is important to remember that coffee must be natural. Coffee lovers should not forget that in the instant drink there is no natural caffeine, it is replaced by a chemical analogue of the substance. While in the natural grain coffee it is contained. This drink, according to experts, is useful for people suffering from migraines, headaches, as well as vascular spasms.

healthier coffee is black tea

The caffeine in the drink gives the body vigor and necessary energy. Fans of drinking a cup of coffee in the morning should be aware of the benefits that this drink brings to their health:

  • Coffee helps fight skin problems and signs of aging.
  • It helps to reduce weight.
  • It has a beneficial effect on memory and increases concentration.
  • It prevents the development of asthma and allergies.
  • Strengthens hair.
  • Fights the risk of developing oncology. It is known that coffee lovers are much less likely to suffer from liver cancer and colon cancer. While the effect of anti-cancer tea by scientists has not yet been sufficiently studied.
  • Helps to eliminate the manifestations of cellulite.
  • In addition, coffee has a beneficial effect on the brain: they successfully prevent Parkinson's disease.
  • The risk of diabetes is significantly reduced in those who drink up to 4 cups of coffee per day. In tea, these qualities are not found.
  • Drinking coffee successfully prevents gallstone formation.


With gastritis, peptic ulcer and some othercoffee is not recommended to use inflammatory diseases of the stomach or intestines. In hypertension, its use is also preferable to minimize, because coffee increases the load on the heart.

About the dangers of tea and coffee

With the right approach to drinking tea and coffee,their useful qualities will fully manifest themselves, and the body will be guaranteed to be enriched with essential vitamins and trace elements. But we must not forget that along with the benefits of these drinks can have a negative impact on health:

  • Tea and coffee, as well as red wine, compotes and a number of other drinks, enamel of the teeth is given a yellowish tint.
  • Высокое содержание в кофе кофеина приводит к the fact that connoisseurs of this drink disturbed sleep. Therefore, those who do not want to develop insomnia, in the second half of the day should not drink coffee.
  • Magnesium and potassium are washed out with tea and coffee, the absorption of folic acid and iron is hampered, and the vessels are narrowed. This is especially dangerous in atherosclerosis and hypertension.
  • In addition, it has been proven that drinking large quantities of green tea is a burden for the liver.
  • For those who systematically use coffee,develop dependence on this drink. In addition, mental health can be harmed, the pulse quickens, calcium, sodium, vitamins B6 and B1 are washed out of the body.

What is better to drink in the morning?

It is known that caffeine-containing beverages are good.help wake up in the morning. Many people ask the question: what is healthier in the morning - tea or coffee? Experts believe that in terms of caffeine content - this is undoubtedly coffee. After all, caffeine in it: 380-650 mg / l, while in tea: 180-420 mg / l. As for tea, it is proved that it is more than coffee, can improve concentration.

A high caffeine content is not guaranteed.effective performance of the alarm clock function by the drink, scientists believe. Here an important role is played by the features of the organism. Coffee and tea can equally energize in the morning. When choosing a morning drink, you should take into account the state of your health and be guided by personal preferences.