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Delicious coffee glasse. Recipe and recommendation for cooking

Connoisseurs, zealots and keepers of the Great andMighty can immediately throw in the author of the article is not just a stone, but a whole lump. And they will be right. Indeed, the word "glasse" from the French (namely, in France, and this drink was invented) is translated as "ice", and it should be written with one letter "c". And it is this kind of writing that can be found in "the right books", but somehow it happened that it is more pleasant for the masses to think that the word is written with two "c", so it is more elegantly heard and written: something like an essay a small literary sketch) or liasse (ribbon-bookmark attached to the root of the elite book).

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Therefore, the author, talking about howto cook coffee glasse will write this word with two "s". So, this drink, as already mentioned, came to us from France. Already from the translation of the word it becomes clear that it is used only in the cooled form. And that for its preparation you need coffee, and ... and here the logic fails, because we do not need ice at all. And we need real cream ice cream, best of all plombir. Coffee, of course, you can take and soluble, in the end, still get a coffee glasse. The recipe allows and dilution of the powder with water. But it is better to cook strong coffee from ground fried grains. Agree that the drink, prepared from a soluble powder, does not possess the divine aroma of natural coffee.

First of all, you need to weld a serving of ordinary coffee,and then you can start to prepare coffee glasse. The recipe for cooking coffee is different for everyone, so we will not talk about coffee here in Arabic, in Brazilian and in Turkish, we will not. Let's just say that you can use the services of coffee machines or simply buy ground beans for espresso. This powder can also be brewed in Jezeve. To do this, just pour a portion of coffee with steep boiling water and wait a few minutes. Or, as mentioned above, you can dissolve in hot water instant coffee. Do not forget to put in the drink about half the dose of sugar.

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After the drink has cooled slightly, itsit is necessary to strain to get rid of the dregs, of course, it will not work out anyway, but our goal is to make coffee glasse. The recipe for this drink does not include the ceremony of tipping a cup on a saucer. Cooled and filtered liquid poured into a glass glass, it can be decorated with a rim of powdered sugar, and add a few balls of ice cream. We put a straw-straw and serve them. In fact, straw is not an obligatory attribute of this drink, but it's much nicer to sip a cool, exquisitely-bitter drink through it.

You and I have got a classic glasse coffee.This recipe is neither author's nor the only one. History did not tell us the name of the one who first thought of combining coffee and ice cream in one glass, but whoever this obscure cook is, we are immensely grateful to him.

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By the way, many fans are in favor of coffee glasse,the preparation of which necessarily includes a small dose of alcohol. Yes, you can add a little creamy liqueur or rum. The taste of this will only improve, but you can not overdo it in any way.

You can also add chocolate to the ready-made drinkcrumb, chopped nuts, put beautiful colored ice. And to the coffee glasse itself to serve cookies or cakes. The main thing - do not delay with the feed to the table. Otherwise, the ice cream will melt, and you will have just coffee with sweet milk.