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How to drink rum: traditions, recommendations and important points

Rum is a favorite drink of pirates.They drank it after a successful booty, had a snack, and then had fun or made fights. Just the same can happen in an ordinary youth company. But it is better to learn how to drink rum before enjoying this drink

how to drink rum

How to drink?

There are several varieties of suchdrink. How to drink rum "Captain Morgan"? This is a black (dark) variety, rich, strong, bold and tart. Drink it best in pure form, only so you can feel the deep taste and aroma. Before drinking, the drink should be slightly cooled (it should not be ice-cold). If the rum has an endurance of more than 7 years, then for the greatest pleasure it is better to drink it from cognac glasses. A less aged drink can be consumed from glasses with a thick bottom. Some do not know how to drink rum, and do it on an empty stomach, but you can drink it only after eating. In addition, one serving should not exceed 75 grams. And abuse can lead to rapid intoxication.

How to drink rum "Bacardi" white?Its taste is not so deep, so most often this drink is added to various cocktails. The most popular of them is Mojito, which includes syrup, lime and mint. This drink is very popular with young people. But you can use this alcohol from small vials of volley and strongly chilled. But in this case, except for intoxication, you do not get anything.

And if you want to know how to drink golden rum,then we must understand that he has a certain taste, but still not as pronounced as black. So you can just cool the drink and drink, or you can add it to the cocktail. For example, many people drink rum with cola. This drink has the name "Cuba Libre".

how to drink rum bacardi white

Than a snack?

If you want to find out how rum is drunk,find out what is best to eat it. Dark varieties are best combined with fruits or berries. For example, you can choose a melon, mandarin, papaya, pineapple, cherry or something else. And you can take an orange and sprinkle it with a little cinnamon. Strong and seasoned rum is also combined with dark bitter chocolate.

If you chose a bright variety, then it is perfectsuited lemon, and preferably lime. Pour into a glass, cut a slice of citrus, drink it all in one gulp and bite your teeth in lime. The taste of the drink will remain in the mouth, but it will not be too intrusive and will mix with the notes of citrus.

To the golden rum are suitable seafood: mussels, squid, shrimp, octopus. You can cut the hard cheese. Combine with this drink will be light poultry.

If you drink cocktails with rum, then eat themnot necessarily, but still need to eat, otherwise you will quickly get drunk and get pain in the stomach in addition. Choose light vegetable salads with seafood, eat fruit or canapé.

In any case, the snack should in no case be too heavy, oily or excessively satisfying, otherwise the drink will simply "be lost," and its use will be meaningless.

how to drink rum captain morgan

Now you know how to drink rum, and you can enjoy this drink with friends in a pure form or in a cocktail. You must follow simple rules and remember the recommendations given in this article.