/ / Arkan Taro "The Star": meaning. Tarot, "Star": description, interpretation and meaning of the map

Arkan Taro "The Star": meaning. Tarot, "Star": description, interpretation and meaning of the map

A period of tranquility and tranquilitypromises you a map of "Star". The meaning of the Tarot for this symbol is often positive. The oracle convinces that the difficulties are already behind, and new promising prospects open up before you. The card says about the upcoming renewal of the soul and body, so if a person suffered a serious illness or stress, it is especially desirable for him in the situation.


The map represents the 17th Arkan."Star" (Tarot) value changes depending on the situation in the scenario. As for the image, it remains unchanged: a woman who knelt down near the pond. One foot of a young lady is on the shore, the other is lowered into a stream. In the hands of the girl is a jug, from which she pours water. Part spreads on the ground, the other - returns to the stream. The allegorical value of the card is patience. A person needs not only to be able to wait, but also to demonstrate the correct behavior in such a situation, so that his inaction is not in vain.

star is the value of tarot

Over the head, the woman has seven stars.In some decks they are randomly scattered in the sky, in others they form a halo around the girl's hair. There are other options: one big star is drawn at the head of a young lady, sometimes near it two small columns are located small space bodies, forming a portal. The background of the map is a rural landscape. Sometimes in the background you can see a tree in whose branches the bird of paradise hides.

Direct position

This is a map of prospects and new hopes.If you drop "Star" - the meaning of the Tarot in a direct position is promising. It speaks about the speedy implementation of plans, the fulfillment of desires, the successful completion of the plan. Now we need to rely on the blessing of the higher forces, to believe that you will be shown the right direction. This Arkan symbolizes balance and harmony. You perfectly interact not only with the outside world, but also with yourself. The main thing is not to forget: new roads will not open momentarily, on the contrary, they are still far enough and are not yet available.

the value of the star tarot card

"Star" in a direct position indicates a surgecreativity and creativity. Now you are ready to generate new ideas. Your thoughts are boiling and suggesting new ways of solving problems, unexpected and ingenious. Your health improves: the body is in excellent physical shape, the soul is calm and peaceful. The card can be interpreted as unexpected help, the appearance in the life of a new love, the acquisition of a faithful companion. This is a happy sign, foreshadowing the discovery of unknown and far-off horizons.

"Star" inverted (Tarot): value

In this position, the card is treated differently.The interpretation acquires a negative connotation, indicating a sudden collapse of plans, unfulfilled hopes, a vain expectation. For girls, she can predict temporary infertility, the inability to conceive and endure the baby. The card says to the guys that the new relationship may not work out. The inverted "Star" is always a symbol of frustration and impotence. Man, being self-confident, did not get, but lost. He took a lot on himself, forgetting about the folk wisdom: "One is not a warrior in the field".

star tarot value in relationships

Now we need to forget about desires and dreams - they are stillnot destined to be realized. The problem can be covered not only in self-confidence, but in excessive doubts. The guessing man thinks that he will not cope and refuses the given chance. In addition, the card speaks of spiritual blindness, wandering in darkness. Man is in captivity of his own illusions, he is entangled in threads of self-deception. All this prevents him from acting, winning and creating.

Divination by the man

The meaning of the Tarot card "Star" in the scenario fora particular person also depends on the position of the picture. If she is in a direct position, then points to a talented person. Perhaps he is in love and happy that he feels such feelings. When the map is turned, it characterizes the individual as lazy, possessing potential, but lacking the strength and desire to realize it. Most likely, he is a chatterbox who spends his energy on trifles, forgetting about the main mission.

"Star" with this guessing warns ofthe need for self-knowledge. Only in this case you can use your talents for good. Deepening into himself, a person will open such a strong energy, which he did not even suspect. Ideas simply overwhelm, pushing the individual to conquer new heights. Now he is ready to work hard, help other people, create a useful product for society. Do not be afraid that the forces will run out. The Oracle says: the flow of energy will not only end, but will return a hundredfold.

"Star" (Tarot): meaning in relationships

In the case of love, the map indicates highfeelings, a promising alliance and joint plans. The value is strengthened if the "Lovers" card falls next. In addition, the symbol in the direct position is interpreted as a new acquaintance, which promises to be long-term and lasting. When guessing on an event, the card is interpreted as a date, which can develop into a long relationship. Located next to the card "Tuz Cups" speaks of great happiness, and the "Four Cups" - about the successful outcome of a conceived love adventure. The latter combination also indicates that the search for the second half will be successful.

star inverted tarot value

The inverted "Star" is a sign of disappointment,impotence, deceived hopes. You can not do anything: fate takes away your loved one. In most cases, the fortune-teller needs to think about his behavior, since the map warns about his wrong actions, which obviously destroys the relationship. The person, most likely, is adjusted on a negative, thinking as follows: "Everything is too good to be true."


New prospects promise "Star".The Tarot value in this case is strengthened with the help of other cards. So, the "Emperor" that fell out next to it means professional development in the current activity. Perhaps you will be appreciated and promoted. But in the case of the nearby "Death" it is a completely new work. The current career will be forgotten or destroyed, but this event will change life in a positive direction.

arkan star tarot value

The map in the inverted position predictsman that he will miss all the opportunities that fate gives him. He will not take advantage of the chance and will remain at the broken trough. There may be several reasons for this: lack of confidence in the reliability of the new business, doubts about one's own strengths or banal stubbornness. The "Justice" located next to it confirms the meaning of the map: it indicates excessive and excessive discretion and unnecessary caution. In combination with the "Devil" the card says that the guesser himself is ruining plans, acting in spite of himself.

Card Tip

"Believe in yourself, value opportunities" - then,that tells us when guessing the map "Star" (Tarot). Its meaning can be interpreted in different ways, but the symbol's advice remains unchanged: place hopes on the future - the stars favor you. What to do and what to do, intuition will tell. Do not think about how much your goals are fantastic, intentions are realistic, plans are reasonable. Do not stop half way - and in the near future you will be pleasantly surprised.

star tarot value

"Star" is a sign that life is always therein our hands. It shows that only we determine our own destiny. Nothing can prevent those plans, for the construction of which we undertook thoroughly and seriously. The person opens wide prospects, which go beyond the framework of specific agreements. He seemed to have ascended into the heavens and from the height of the flight he notices all existing obstacles and at the same time means for overcoming them. The ultimate goal is clearly visible. It is real.

Combination with other cards

Depending on which card is locatednext, changes its interpretation of "Star": the value of the Tarot is transformed - is amplified or, conversely, is reduced. We have already considered a lot of combinations. There are still several maps that can interact with it. For example, "The Jester", fallen out next to the "Star", is a symbol of an indestructible faith in destiny, "The High Priestess" - hopes for a happy future and tranquility. Located next to the "Mag" says that it is time for active action. "Hierophant" indicates enlightenment of consciousness, "Emperor" - fixing a positive result, "Empress" - obtaining the desired. Remember that the "Star" speaks of strengths and energy, hidden potential and creative possibilities. The map states that it is not difficult to reach the heights, it is much more difficult to keep the result at the level.