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Which tree blooms later in the middle of Russia?

In different countries, on different continents, manyspecies of plants bloom and bear fruit later or earlier relative to each other. In the middle band, such a tree, blooming much later than the others, is, of course, a lime tree (Tilia), which, according to modern data, belongs to the Malvov family. This time comes, as a rule, in the middle of summer, when all other trees have long faded. Thus, the question of which tree blossoms later than everyone can be answered: a linden tree. But this, we repeat, is true only for the middle part of Russia.

which tree blossoms later than all

Flowering of trees

In spring time nature wakes up, and in the deciduous trees the sap flow in the trunks is activated. Roots absorb melt moisture, the process of awakening and flowering begins.

The alder gray starts.Her gray-green catkins with inflorescences are visible from afar. Then - hazel from the family of birch. He is the closest relative of the white-birch birch. This shrub is known to many: by the autumn on it ripen delicious nuts. These fruits attract not only people. They are also eaten by some forest dwellers: squirrels, mice.

which tree blossoms later than all trees

So which tree blooms the last?Insects pollinated by insects bloom a little later, when leaves begin to unfold. And in the spring and early summer period, flowering stone and pome fruits, which include apple, pear, cherry, plum. Approximately at the same time, the process begins with maple, mountain ash, willow, white acacia.

We can say that all wintering trees in the middlestrip bloom throughout the spring and early summer. Talking about which tree blossoms later than all, you can note the lime tree, which begins to do this closer to the middle of summer.

Lime tree in Russia

This plant can be identified by characteristicleaves: heart-shaped, obliquely oval, with pronounced bright serrate margin. In spring, during the dissolution, so-called stipules are formed, which then disappear within seven to ten days. Which tree blooms after all the trees? Linden. Starting flowering, plants form inflorescences, similar to umbrellas. This occurs in late June - mid-July. Inflorescences depart from the adjacent leaf, adherent to the plate. Then the linden begins to emit a sweet wonderful aroma, so beloved by fans of lime tea. For this drink, the flowers of the plant are harvested until it enters the ripening stage of the fruit. Lime tea has many medicinal properties and is very pleasant to taste.

flowering of trees

The first flowering

Now you know which tree blooms the last.The first blossoming of a tree is possible approximately on the twentieth year of a life in the conditions of the wild nature. In artificial conditions - and even later: on the thirtieth. The duration of this process is ten days, or two weeks. At this time, the lime tree gives its aroma to the whole district, it extends for many tens of meters. And if the whole linden grove blossoms, then the gentle smell multiplies many times and is heard sometimes for hundreds of meters, attracting to itself and bees, and various insects, and lovers of lime tea!

which tree blossoms later than all

Distribution area

Lipa inhabits the temperate and subtropical zoneNorthern hemisphere. Most plants of this species grow closer to the southeast of Asia. There are a lot of limes in China. Little is in North America. This tree chooses, as a rule, well-moistened and warm soils. Artificially, the lime tree is often planted in urban parks, using for landscaping the territory. The age of the plant can reach 130 years, growth - over thirty meters, trunk diameter - up to three meters. Although isolated specimens with a barrel diameter of up to five meters, the age of which reached 800 years. In Russia, the heart-shaped linden grows from the Ural ridge to the border with Finland.