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Dollar tree - a symbol of well-being

Dollar tree, referred to scientifically as Zamioculcas, belongs to the family of aroids. His homeland is tropical Africa.

Dollar tree
This succulent, capable of accumulating moisture inleaves, trunk and roots, in order to gradually use it for growth. The dollar tree is covered with very beautiful, waxy leaves with an average of ten divided feathers. Under the ground it hides a very powerful tuberous rhizome - its "storehouse" for a rainy day. In height, this plant can reach a meter.

Since a dollar tree is a flowering treethe plant, its reproduction in nature is possible by seeds. But in the shops of seeds not to meet, and many grow it from branch-cuttings or single leaves, which are rooted for two or three days. Then the planting material is planted in a small pot. The soil for this succulent is prepared from the same amount of sand, peat, humus and turf. And when the plant grows up a bit, the capacity is replaced by a large one, so that the roots of the plant can freely fit in it without touching the walls. Soil change and transplantation are carried out in the spring.

How the dollar tree blooms
Although a dollar tree is very unpretentious andhardy, it still requires certain conditions for normal life and growth. Best of all, it feels on the window sills facing south, with the presence of a shade. The heat of this African is only a joy. Dollar tree and on the north side will not die, although its appearance will be unattractive.

Unlike other succulents, even in winter, it requires at least eighteen degrees of temperature, and otherwise falls ill.

Few know today how the dollar blossomstree, because this phenomenon, even in nature - a rarity, and even at home - even more so. Its flower is similar to a corn cob with collected small-scale plain flowers, hidden under a green deciduous veil.

dollar tree photo care

Watering the plant should be done after a fulldrying of the soil, and fertilizing is carried out from March to the end of October. Water must be poured in such a way that the soil is soaked all over, but without a transfusion, from which the tree can become rotten.

Fix a dollar tree with mixtures,intended for succulents, once every half a month, because the plant quickly takes from the soil the nutrients it needs for growth. In winter, stop not only fertilizing, but also watering. But that the dollar tree does not get dusty and does not dry out, at least once in this period it is necessary to arrange for him an abundant warm shower.

It is believed that if you grow a house thisunpretentious plant, an influx of finance. It is one of the ways to attract funds to the house. A mascot for this may be a dollar tree-photo. Care for him is not needed, however, according to some, the picture works no worse than a real plant.

Those who prefer to have a living houseplant, hang on zmiokulkas dollar bills, folded in a tube, or wrap the stem of the plant with them. Sometimes one cent is put in the pallet, so that it charges its energy with a plant.