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Options for heating a country house. The most economical option for heating

With the advent of cold weather become topicalproblems of heating suburban private homes. They come to the fore and bother the owners of such housing the most. Therefore, many residents of suburban settlements do not wait for winter and begin to look for ways that would allow them to survive the cold comfortably.

Heating by electricity

If you like electricalheating a country house, the options for such a system should be considered. The main element in this case is an electric boiler, which includes a heat exchanger, a heating device and a control unit. If we compare such equipment with other types of heat sources, then we can single out the lack of the need for human intervention. The user will not have to perform periodic cleaning.

options for heating a country house

If you are thinking about what optionsheating a country house there, then you can consider electricity as an energy source. It is particularly effective in a place where strict environmental standards are present. When operating the described equipment, no vibrations and noise are generated, gas-air mixture leaks, and the devices themselves are completely safe.

If you decide to equip the electrical systemheating in a country house, you can choose one of two types, namely three-phase or single-phase. The choice will depend on the boiler, its power may be more than 12 kilowatts, then it will have a three-phase performance. Among other things, such equipment differs in location, boilers can be floor or wall mounted. The latter variety has small dimensions and does not imply the arrangement of a separate room.

Floor boilers are produced if the powergenerator of more than 60 kilowatts. This causes large dimensions. If you are considering options for heating a country house, then you should pay attention to electricity as an energy source, such systems can be single-circuit or dual-circuit. In the first case, water is heated exclusively for heating purposes. Two-circuit boilers can additionally heat water for hot water supply. This also applies to gas boilers.

Heating by electricity: convector system

Before the beginning of the arrangement of any kindsystem should consider options for heating a country house. Among them, we can distinguish a convector circuit, which provides for the availability of appropriate equipment with a thermostat and a heating element. Heating of this type can be realized with the help of different models of convectors, which are wall and floor. The first variety is distinguished by an average height of 45 centimeters and the method of attachment. Install similar devices can be on the floor or strengthened on the wall surface. As for flooring, they are long and narrow, and are installed under windows, in the area of ​​skirting boards or under stained glass windows. Despite the fact that such units are smaller in size than the wall, their power is high enough, and the time for warming up the room is less.

Arrangement of convection heating system

If you are interested in heating optionscountry house, then you can successfully use convectors that work from electricity. Such equipment is often used in those houses that are operated seasonally. Before starting the arrangement of such a system, it is necessary to calculate the necessary number of devices for heating the home. If the house is well insulated and meets the energy saving standards of the Scandinavian countries, then 20 cubic meters will be needed for 1 cubic meter. With insulated walls and ceilings, as well as in the presence of insulating glass on the windows will need 30 watts per cubic meter. In case of insufficient insulation of the dwelling, increase the power required to 40 watts per cubic meter. Poor thermal insulation provides an increase in power up to 50 watts per cubic meter. If you know the above values, you will be able to determine the power that will be needed to heat the room.

Water heating of a country house: a gravitational or natural system

Considering the options for heating a country house,It is worth paying attention to water schemes that can be gravitational. The process is carried out due to the difference in the density of hot and cold water. The heated coolant acquires a lower density and weighs less, so it begins to rush upward, moving along the pipes. When the water cools, it thickens, returning to the cauldron.

gas heating country house options

The main advantage of the natural system is theautonomy, because heating does not depend on electricity. The water heating of a country house, the variants of which are discussed in the article, is chosen also for the reason that the design is extremely simple. Among the shortcomings is the need to use a huge number of pipes, the diameter of which must be large enough to allow circulation. Among the disadvantages is the lack of the possibility of using modern radiator models, which have a small cross section. Among other things, with the installation work to observe a bias of 2 degrees or more.

Water heating: forced system

Considering the options of heating systemscountry house, you must take into account that in the dwelling can be arranged and a forced scheme, in which the movement of water occurs due to the functioning of the circulation pump. Excess liquids that are formed when heated, enter the expansion tank, which prevents evaporation of water from the system. Pressure control is carried out using a manometer. Advantages of this scheme are a small amount of water, as well as a smaller diameter of the pipe compared with the previous case. The user will be able to adjust the heating temperature of the radiators, the batteries can have any diameter of the pipes. As a disadvantage is the dependence on the supply of electricity, through which the pumping equipment operates.

Installation of a self-heating water heating system

The boiler can be operated byelectricity, gas, solid or liquid fuels. The most economical models are those that work on gas. They assume the gas pipeline, as well as maintenance and monitoring by specialists. If you use equipment on liquid or solid fuel, then you will ensure complete independence of heating from centralized networks. The user, among other things, will have to equip the storehouse for fuel supplies. Before the heating of the country house is realized, the options should be considered. After that you will be able to understand the equipment of what capacity should be used for heated premises. An average of 10 square meters will require 1 kilowatt of power, which is true with a ceiling height of 3 meters or less.

Pipes are traditionally made of metal, howeverSteel structures, installed by welding, can easily be corroded. Therefore, it is best to use stainless and galvanized products that are free from the mentioned drawback. The most reliable option is copper pipes, which are able to undergo pressure and temperature changes, and also do not undergo corrosion. If you equip a single-pipe system, the coolant will pass from one radiator to another. The temperature of each subsequent battery will decrease. The most recent consumer may simply not have enough heat to heat the room.

If necessary, repair the radiatorit is necessary to drain the water from the system, only after that it will be possible to make manipulations with the failed device. If we use a two-pipe system, it will warm up the room more qualitatively. This is due to the presence of two pipes, each of which comes to the radiator. One of them receives a heated coolant, with the help of the other, water is discharged after cooling. As in the above-described case, the temperature in the last radiator will be lower, but the heat loss will be insignificant.

Heating the house with gas

Heating a country house with gas, optionswhich is described in the article, is expedient with the help of a single boiler in the case when the dwelling has a large area, and the source of gas is not the cylinders, but the main. The most economical are condensing-type boilers, which can be located in a separate room, where good ventilation is provided. The gas heating of a country house, the options of which may imply the existence of a single-circuit or double-circuit boiler, should be safe. So, the area of ​​the boiler house should be 4 meters square or more. From the room should lead an 80-centimeter doorway, it is important and the presence of windows.

heating the country house options with their own hands

From the boiler, from one fanto divide the pipes into separate rooms. In each room, heating can be equipped with one or two radiators located under the windows on the walls. It is important to remember that the condensing boiler provides a minimum return temperature. In this case, the system can be supplemented with a warm floor, which distributes heat throughout the rooms more evenly. Initially, water gives heat to the batteries, and then leaves energy inside the floor. The simplest version of the system of a warm floor is a snake or a spiral made of a metal-plastic pipe embedded in the screed. Fittings should not be present, as for the pipes that go from the radiator to the boiler.

Heating options without gas

Today electricity is considered the mostexpensive type of heating: if you connect a simple heater, the electricity bills will increase. For this reason, electric boilers are often used as additional sources of heating, which work exclusively to maintain room temperature. Considering the best options for heating a country house without gas, it is worth paying attention to firewood, which, perhaps, are the most economical among other solutions. If you equip your house with a stove or fireplace, you can enjoy the burning flame on long winter evenings. This kind of heating has also the disadvantages, expressed in fire danger. But, before making a choice, it should be remembered that the price of firewood is significantly lower compared to the cost of electricity.

what options for heating a country house

If you do not have access to the gas main, thenit is possible to use solid fuel, which is peat briquettes. On sale you can find granulated crumb, made of wood.

Liquid fuel

If you choose the most economical optionheating a country house, then you can prefer wood - they are the leader of the budget after the gas. After them on profitability there is a liquid fuel, namely diesel fuel mixed with oil. It can be used for boilers, which are very common today.

water heating country house options

Installation of air heating system

As practice shows, gas heatingcountry house, the variants of which have been described above, is the most economical. If you want to use alternative methods, then you can apply an air circuit. It provides installation of air ducts, through which warm air will move under the ceiling, occupying a large volume. Here one can single out one minus, which is expressed in the fact that when fresh air comes in from doors and windows, the operation of the gravity system can be disturbed, the upper part of the room room is overheated, this can cause cooling of the lower part. But there is also an undeniable advantage, which consists in independence from the most expensive type of energy source - electricity.

options for country house heating systems

If the house is three-storey, then the heating system canProvide forced ventilation, which pumps heating air through a fan. The latter can work from electricity, and the coolant is air, heated by a generator consisting of a heat exchanger and a burner. If you decide to realize the air heating of a country house, the options themselves can be arranged. To do this, we need heaters, grilles, fans with electric drive and air ducts. In the heat exchanger, the air will be heated to 60 degrees, after which it will enter the rooms. On the return ducts, the streams will return to the heat exchanger, where they become heated; this mechanism will be cyclical.

options for heating a country house without gas

Для того чтобы обновить воздух, достаточно open the windows. Some believe that a significant disadvantage is the noise in the ventilation grilles and ducts. If you will equip such heating of a country house, the options with your own hands can be fulfilled by you. The air circuit does not provide for the installation of pipes, radiators and boilers that could be needed for hot water heating. As for generators, they can work on different types of fuel from the burner. With the use of the above elements it will be necessary to assemble a rather simple design: the fan is initially installed, the heating elements are installed before it, and then the air duct is installed. In order to ensure the efficiency of the work, the construction is closed by a box, and for the intake of air, holes will be needed.